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Places To Visit During West Coast US Tours - Travel Advice

LOS ANGELES - worth it if only for a walk in Hollywood, Venice Beach and Santa Monica. Despite the passage of time, and now shows an almost decadent, Hollywood will always be the mecca of cinema. This is demonstrated by its iconic sign on Mount Lee and the famous Walk of Fame.

SAN FRANCISCO - perhaps the most charming city which can be seen on the trip. Get on one of its tramways centenary dinner at Fisherman's Wharf, or enjoy the very complete audio tour of Alcatraz are just some of the attractions of the city world famous for its Golden Gate.

The giant sequoias, those trees that can reach up to 100 meters high, are a hallmark of California to not let them tell us. There are several areas where you can see: in Yosemite National Park, Muir Woods (near San Francisco) and Sequoia National Park.

LAS VEGAS - is one of those cities you have to go at least once in life. For some it is a scenario of cardboard, for others it is the best place I have walked, but the truth is that spending a night in this city located in the middle of the desert is pure spectacle and debauchery.

The Grand Canyon- One of the most breathtaking natural landscapes can be seen on the planet. It ranges up to 29 km wide with a depth of over 1,600 m. Erosion over 2,000 million years has led to this area, included in the list of world's natural wonders.

Within this group included all those places which, while not the triggers someone to visit the West Coast, will achieve a positive surprise, and even dazzle us.

Big Sur is one of those magical natural spaces. Use a couple of days to drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco (or vice versa) provides an opportunity to discover places and charming, anchored on the shores of the California coast.

Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend are two natural areas left open-mouthed. The first is a narrow canyon created inside a rock, like a cave, because the passage of streams that have resulted in walls up to 40 m in height. The second is a spectacular meander through canyons to the Colorado River makes its way through the town of Page.

When making a trip of this nature, there are many must-sees and very less time available to explore. And that's the first problem that one has to face, what do I see? or rather, what I like to see?

The main factor to consider in answering this question is the time available.

SAN DIEGO - is a city located in the southern California coast, a half hour drive from Mexico. Your air Latin and its magnificent beaches make it an attractive destination.

SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK - houses the largest and oldest trees in the world. Some of them have holes in their trunks in which it is an SUV.

Napa Valley- is a region located in northern California known mainly for its production of wine. Here the vines are infinite fields.

Monument Valley - is a huge depression that has been the scene of countless movies and commercials (like Marlboro). Located in Navajo country on the border of Utah and Arizona.

National Parks Bryce Canyon, Mesa Verde, Canyonlands and Arches. Together, they make a spectacle of color stone on land. Each one has a twist so it's hard not to want to visit them all.

THE WAVE is the kind of place that just seeing a photo, you want to go. It is a rock formation due to erosion presents a spectacular appearance, similar to ocean waves (hence the name). Paria Canyon is in Arizona.

Historic Route 66 is an old road that connected the east with the west. Today is a tourist attraction for those who want to know the deep and genuine America, and if the back of a Harley Davidson, the better!

BODIE CALICO or two ghost towns are located in the state of California. These old mining towns were abandoned decades ago and today have become a major tourist attraction.

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