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Italian cuisine is one of the main attractions of Rome and eating in this beautiful city is more than a physical need and becomes an attraction of the trip. In Rome there are thousands of restaurants and recommend consulting guides, information or seek advice from the locals to enjoy the good places.

Some of the best pizza in the world are in Rome where you can enjoy the Margarita, Capricious, Quatro fromaggi, etc ... but are surprised to find very different pizzas that are used to eating in their homes (many are disappointed to Daisy the classic pizza with tomato sauce, cheese and basil) Fortunately there are several pizzerias that offer delicious creations thin crust and well done, without too many ingredients do not mix too many flavors. A cooked paste of somewhat less than in other countries so it tends to be somewhat harder or "al dente".

The gastronomy in Rome is endless but be careful with the accounts and not repressed at all time for consideration or to inquire about the charges which are not provided.

The Time Seafood Cafe and Wine Bar serves drinks, fresh seafood and international cuisine Roman specialities.

A cuisine where pasta dominates over anything else, although much of his menu follow the familiar point by point Mediterranean diet. Vegetables, meat and fish are presented as perfect complements to a stew that after years of tradition, have become standards of the best Italian food culture.

However, if you intend to cross it the traditional way without tasting too much you care and yes, fast service with a traditional menu but then the place for you is to taglio pizzerias. In every corner you will find these services of food, very similar to McDonalds type fast food but Italian version. And is that the pizza could not fail, although this is sold as parts.

Although as we said, Rome is not just pasta. The seafood also can find in The Critical Fish, near Ancona via 34. A place to take a snack of fresh fish. However, if you're looking to relive the flavors of the old classics you can not miss restaurants Spirito di wine or Convivialis Ars.

If you like the bohemian atmosphere, your place is situated in Bohemien Caffè Via dei Zingari. A Parisian-style café, which is in via Borgo Pio 192, close to Piazza S. Pietro has opened a 'Rome Video Book Bar', ie a space where you can read while tasting the best Italian coffee.

And we end with desserts. One of the most famous pastry shops found in Rome in Piazza Paradiso, and Josephine is that the bakery is the best place to go in search of candy overseas. But if you're looking to learn about the country's ethnic roots through the flavors then your site is in the Jewish district, between Via del Portico d'Ottavia and the Via Madonna del Pianto, where you will find an oven that makes traditional sweets Jewish. Although the most famous bakeries are in Lago Leopardi Pannella specializes in pastries and sweets from the Roman tradition as Colombo, panettone, the Bigne di S. Giuseppe or frappe-located around Santa Maria Maggiore and the Cecere pastry with traditional oven located at two locations, one in the Via Latina and other on Via G. B. de Rossi.

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