5 Best Honeymoon Destinations - Honeymoon Travel Advice

Best Europe honeymoon destinations - Honeymoon Tips - Travel Advice

While her friends go on honeymoon to common destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean, why not make your honeymoon a memorable experience? There are many places to go, who can provide the special Honeymoon - When a couple decides to marry, the first and logical stop and think what is in the place of the ceremony and subsequent celebration. But for people like me, these things matter little or rather nothing, more important is the honeymoon.

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Norwegian Fjords -  The number 1 on my particular list is a road trip through the Fjords. A 
possible route would be a few days in Oslo to meet the capital to later take the car to go to Bergen, the fjords starting point. Then you should visit Flam Myrdal, Sognefjord or Stavanger. The landscape can be seen in this area are unique in Europe, and only in parts of Canada, Alaska or New Zealand you can see formations of this type.

Lately it is fashionable to do long trips on the grounds that it is a once in a lifetime, but nothing you have to travel thousands of kilometers and pass through three airports to enjoy a honeymoon. I propose my five favorite destination for honeymoon trips. In all cases I take, I refer to them for free, without guides or tour groups:

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St. Petersburg - Located on the Baltic, St. Petersburg is considered National Heritage by UNESCO. Known as the Venice of the North, a walk through its streets and canals and is in itself an experience. The Hermitage Museum is considered one of the major museums worldwide. It has a charm if you visit in winter, despite the cold. Destination therefore recommended for travelers who flee the heat.

Jordan - Jordan is a destination for adventurers. Personally, I consider Jordan as one of the countries to visit once in life. Besides the capital Amman, Petra is well worth a visit, and if possible at dawn, when lights are projected onto the monastery and gives a touch orange. What elsewhere is possible to swim in the Dead Sea? Highly recommended, although avoiding the summer months.

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Route 66 - For lovers of combining automotive travel and adventure. Although there are sections that no longer exists, it is still possible that once part of the route linking Chicago with Los Angeles. It is possible to travel in a Ford Mustang. I recommend a minimum of 15 days to enjoy and appreciate the diversity of landscapes.

Vienna and Salzburg - Consider Austria as one of the most romantic countries in Europe. Perhaps the combination of Vienna and Salzburg is one of the great classics, but never gets old. Personally, and while they may do so at any time of year, I highly recommend do in the months of November and December, when both cities already have the typical Christmas markets, truly wonderful in and of themselves. The distances in Austria are not long, so 10 days would be enough for the two cities, but can be extended and visit Innsbruck, especially if you like skiing.

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