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New Digs for Tourism Victoria, check it out!

Beacon Hill Park - Don't Miss It

Beacon Hill Park is a wonderful place to visit for all ages.  There is an amazing children’s petting zoo and a great playground off Cook Street for the kids.  The beautiful scenery will amaze you.  Be sure to go to the top of Beacon Hill and look out into Juan de Fuca Strait…it is a great view point.  Below the lookout is covered in daffodils in the spring and spring flowers pop up all over the park.  If you are  on Douglas Street be sure to check out the Terry Fox monument and Mile Zero, one of the most photographed places ever!  Also on Douglas Street is the Beacon Drive Inn, a great place to buy a soft ice cream cone during park visits.  It is immediately across the street from the centre of the park. 

Also off Douglas you can get views of Goodacre Lake.  Just to the right of the lake is a heron rookery where almost 100 heron nests can be found.  It is an amazing place to visit in the spring when all the action takes place.  The Park has an amazing rose garden as well.  You can practice you putting on the putting green just across the street from the entrance to the Petting Zoo.  Have a picnic, stroll the pathways, suck up the scenery, laze away your day, enjoy the flowers and gardens in the park, and don’t miss the ice cream.  There is lots more to see and do.  There is a bandshell that has free concerts in the summer months.  Check out the City of Victoria web site for more info about Beacon Hill Park.For more pictures of Beacon Hill Park, please go to our Facebook Page.

International Chalk Art Festival

Victoria: Government Street. Today some of Government Street was closed to traffic to accommodate the International Chalk Art Festival. Sections of the street we cordoned off for the artist to prepare their masterpieces. Inside the Bay Centre at Centre Court the world's #1 interactive 3D chalk art artist, Tracy Lee Stum was preparing an amazing work of art. We watched her work for a while and then went to the second floor to get a better view. It was amazing how much more 3D it was from higher up. The Festival end tomorrow, however Tracy's work will be on display until Sept. 30. Check it out. It is amazing. Enjoy our photos.  For more pictures, please go to our Facebook page.

Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Light Station

Fort Rodd Hill is a National Historic Site and one of the best attraction deals in greater Victoria.  The Fort was built to protect the harbour and Esquimalt Naval Base.  There is a lot of history in this Park and sights of interest to one and all.  The light house built in 1860 is the oldest one on the West Coast and it is well preserved and full of artifacts and the attached house gives visitors a great look at life back a century or more.  They have some great activities for children in the summer and have lots of special events during the summer months.  The views from the property of the Light House, the Olympic Mountains, traffic from the Naval base, and Esquimalt Lagoon are amazing.  On our last visit a submarine cruised into the harbour right past the light station.  There is some great kayaking in this area and easy access from Esquimalt Lagoon.  Enjoy Fort Rodd Hill and the Fisgard Light. Be sure to check it out you will be amazed.  Today we also saw seals frolicking near shore and a full deer skeleton laying on the beach, half buried in the sand.  You just never know what you will find and see when you re near the ocean.  Enjoy our tour. For more pictures of this great attraction, see our Facebook Page.

The Breakfast Bistro - Better try this one

We tried this eatery on the recommendation of a friend. It was so good that we were back the next day with out of town friends Holle and Hans. All enjoyed their meals. If you are looking for a great place for breakfast, brunch or lunch, give it a try. Hours are 7-3 Mon-Fri and 8-2 Sat/Sun. Enjoy. We sure did. Visit their web site at
It is located in behind the Coop Gas Station at the corner of Interurban and Wilkingson Road.
For more pictures of the food and restaurant, visit our Facebook Page.

Belmiro's Restaurant and Lounge WOW

Last night we tried one of Victoria’s newest destinations in fine dining, Belmiro’s Restaurant and Lounge, which recently opened in the Executive House Hotel. Located one block from Victoria’s Inner Harbour and right across the street from the Victoria Conference Centre, it is close to everything downtown. Belmiro's has a vibrant menu of fresh local ingredients, coupled with an extensive selection of wine and beverages, served by energetic and knowledgeable staff in a beautifully decorated contemporary environment. Linda’s choice was an appetizer of Steak Tartare and then Paella loaded with chorizo, chicken, clams, mussels, prawns, saffron risotto, and parmigiano. Ron’s ordered a delicious tomato based Seafood Chowder, chock full of fresh seafood, and then Beef Tenderloin Mesquite, grilled and covered with a delicious demi-glace, served with bacon bleu cheese mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. Ron is not a bleu cheese fan and had no problem switching to a buttermilk mash. 

Both meals were superbly presented and thoroughly enjoyed. The chef provided ample time between courses which was appreciated as we were pretty full after our appetizers. We liked everything on the dessert menu but we just could not manage an after dinner sweet. That's a good reason to come back soon and come back we will. We found that the high quality of food matched the beautiful surroundings of the restaurant and the excellent service. Simple details such as real cream in a jug (no creamers) were evident, demonstrating good management and a desire to make the dining experience top notch! We are certain you'll quickly find a few menu favourites when you try Belmiro’s and we sincerely recommend that you do. Whether you're looking for the perfect dining spot for that special occasion, just need a coffee and dessert after a hard day shopping or simply want to slip into the lounge for a cocktail, we are sure your experience will be a memorable one. Belmiro’s is open for breakfast, weekend brunch, dinner and late night. Follow this link to their menu and website for additional details. Enjoy!

For more pictures of the food and restaurant, please go to our Facebook page.

Thetis Lake Park - Don't miss it

Thetis Lake Park is a regional conservation area that was established as Canada's first nature sanctuary in 1958. The park offers numerous outdoor activities in a natural setting. Among the park features are a swamp and lake ecosystem, delicate spring wild flowers, a Garry Oak ecosystem along with a Douglas Fir Forest, freshwater lake swimming, canoeing and kayaking, beaches, picnic areas, fishing (stocked with Rainbow Trout), hiking on moderate to challenging trails and boating (only electric motors allowed).  It is located on Six Mile Road in Langford. 
If you like hiking there is a trail that hugs the shores of Upper and Lower Thetis Lakes.  It takes around an hour to circle the lakes.  If you want more panoramic views of the area, take the more challenging trails up Seymore or Scafe hills.  The beach area is popular for family swims and picnics.  The boat launch seems to be a popular spot for off leash dog walks and swims.  It is where people put their canoes and kayaks in the water.  If you paddle early in the morning you will be almost alone on the lake.  Swimming and picnics do not get underway till near noon.
This beautiful park is one that you should not miss while in Victoria.  Locals know!  For more pictures of Thetis Lake go to our Facebook Page.  For more information about this and other great regional parks, go to the CRD Parks web site.

Blue Moon Over Victoria - You missed it

Please go to our facebook page so you can see all of the photos I took last night under a spectacular sky.  Enjoy.

Victoria's Waterfront Another, Don't Miss It

If you want to find out why Victoria was voted number one in the world for environmental ambiance by Con de Naste Magazine, then spend some time on our waterfront. These pictures are taken from Albert Head Lagoon in Metchosin, Esquimalt Lagoon on the West Shore, All of the Dallas Road Waterfront including Clover Point and Trail Island and all the way to Cattle Point. I never get tired of all this magnificent beauty. We are so lucky to have Mount Baker and the Olympic mountains along Juan de Fuca Strait as the backdrop to our beautiful city. 

You will never know what you might see. There is tons of marine traffic, all kinds of marine life ( you may even see whales right off the shore), and some of the most amazing scenery in the world. This is a must do, while in Victoria. To see all the pictures you will have to go to our Facebook Page.

High Rock Park in Esquimalt

Welcome to a new feature on our Blog and Facebook.  We are going to take you to special places we call Victoria Dont Miss Tourist Spots over the next year on our social marketing sites.  If you want to find the best of Victoria places to visit, stay tuned.  This is the first of those Dont Miss Places.  It is High Rock Park in Esquimalt.  If you go to our Facebook Pictorial you will see all the reasons why you should go to this special park with some amazing views of the city you cannot get anywhere else.  Enjoy the photos and our trip through greater Victoria.  This Park has outstanding views from the summit and nice trails to the top.  It is only about 15 minutes to get from parking to the top.  enjoy....
Tonight we were given a test ride on the newest tour boat from BC Whale Tours a local Victoria Whale Watch Tour Company. This was a thrill of a lifetime! The craft is 40 feet long, handles only 12 passengers and can easily handle rough water. We were out in some pretty good swells and the boat handled it with easel The ride was smooth and comfortable and high speed was a super thrill. You just have to try the Tika! This boat can get you out to the whales much faster than other similar craft, so the range is longer and the time you spend with the whales should be longer as well. There is a washroom on board that will handle a 7 foot basketball player. To sum it up, the ride is impressive, smooth, quiet and has a small carbon footprint. Hal, the owner is very proud of his fleet and especially proud of the Tika he designed. You just have to experience it to know just how good it is!  For more pictures, go to our Facebook Page.  Check out BC Whale Tours website.

Cruises Holiday - Cheap Honeymoon Destinations - Travel Tips

Cruises Honeymoon Packages Tips - Honeymoon Destinations Tips 

Enjoy a trip on a cruise ship is no longer applicable for only rich people. Crusise operating today offer routes throughout the world at prices extremely affordable and suitable for every budget.

It is a very comfortable way to travel, and Most of the cruise vacation packages offer are labeled "All Inclusive" means that, we can eat at any of the many restaurants tend to have the ships, take what you want in bars, and enjoy all the activities held without charge.

On a cruise is never boring, ships today no longer have only dance halls and clubs ... they have places to enjoy all kinds of sports: climbing, swimming, tennis, ice skating ... equipped with new technologies and to celebrate some video game championships among its passengers, being equipped with the latest models of consoles. There are all kinds of seminars and workshops, ranging from photography to cooking classes and wine tasting ...

The glamour of old cruise is not lost, are still enjoying the luxurious lounges and dinner dances and orchestra, but the liners of today have incorporated everything you need for younger passengers feel comfortable in this environment .

Depending on the cruise that we make, our budget and so some of us even offer personal service of a butler. And all this luxury while we're on our way to our destination.

Escalations in ports vary depending on the route contracted, but usually propose guided tours if you prefer not to get to know us cities alone.

The whole trip is attention to detail. So much so that they do see it as a cruise an exceptional way to enjoy your vacation and repeat.

Moreover, thanks to advances in engineering every time we find larger vessels with more areas to enjoy genuine floating cities focused on entertainment.

Cruises are no longer just a means to cross the ocean ... with liners, we now have the opportunity to meet and visit European cities through river cruises, tourism is innovative, take the navigability of rivers like the Danube or the Rhine to meet the various cities through which they pass. And not just Europe, one of the most comfortable to visit Egypt is to hire a magnificent cruise on the Nile

Or cruise the Nordic countries, is another fashionable alternatives in recent years. Not forgetting the traditional Mediterranean cruises, more popular, but no, worse.

One of the latest developments are cruises to Antarctica, these vessels are made in preparations for that purpose, the real icebreaker with which you can navigate the icy waters streaked with icebergs and watch the animal fauna of the area.

More and more shipping companies that come to engage in leisure holiday market, which will grow even more possibilities to choose a suitable route to our desires. The cruise routes cover the entire planet, so we could know the world from end to end on board these works of art of engineering, which is an incentive, since it is the best way to travel for those who like the sea and maritime culture.

Theme cruises - Dance - Are you a fan of Salsa, Mambo, Merengue and Samba? This proposal will relax to the rhythm of Latin music. Daily classes taught by teachers, nightly entertainment, contests and more.

Crafts - The ship MSC Armonia on September 19 and MSC Rhapsody, October 04 will come out with a very broad menu of courses on board craft, crafts and hobbies to bring out all the creativity and artistic flair. Painting on porcelain, or watercolors on silk are some of the proposals.

Single - There are different types of theme cruises but how to stop putting on the blog one of the most representative and fun out there. The singles cruise will offer you a unique experience where you can enjoy with boys and girls of different nationalities the pleasure of being single, this cruise will present various options for community living with the international single from sharing cabin (room) with the opposite sex or share it with some new friend to come.

Cruise DreamWorks - Another option for the Caribbean cruise for children is to Dreamworks, whose appeal lies in being able to see 3D movies in the popular producer besides being able to live with the characters

Family - If you are looking for a cruise to the Caribbean specializing in families there are several options that have different workshops and activities; definitely full of fun and healthy family environment.

Fitness - Within the fitness cruise you can enjoy different programs focused on fitness, as well as beautiful

Disney Cruise - It is one of the cruises to the Caribbean's most successful children, Disney cruises have several attractions and shows.

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Fire & Water Fish and Chop House

Today we attended the “Open House” at the 4-Diamond Marriot Inner Harbour Hotel. The purpose of our visit was to meet the new Restaurant Chef, Igor Duda. It is quickly apparent why the Fire & Water has become a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

The restaurant is decorated in warm woods, elegant fabrics and featuring natural elements from the nearby rugged coastline and countryside. The Fire & Water Fish and Chop House alone may be reason enough to visit Victoria BC. The offerings we tasted today were all very good and certainly demonstrated the abilities of the chef and his staff. For us, the Marriot is synonymous with incredible service and hospitality. All of the staff are warm, friendly and engaging. This is the same at every Marriot we have visited. The hotel mixologist prepared two special cocktails today (the Two-4-Tea, and the Green Tea Mojito). Both were very good. Visit the lounge at Fire & Water Fish and Chop House and you to can enjoy these and other fine drinks.

There was also a barbeque station on the outdoor patio where some very tasty barbequed ribs were offered. Oh the patio you can enjoy the street level outdoor patio where you can relax to the calming sounds of trickling water and enjoy a light meal or relaxing beverage.

The food we tasted was delicious and is shown in our Facebook Pictorial. One taste and you will be back again and again!

The Marriot Inner Harbour Hotel is just steps from the Inner Harbour and many of Victoria’s main attractions and shopping areas. It is a great location and a very good hotel. Check it out!

Clandestine Dinner Kitchens of Distinction - Amazing!

Last night we attended a “Clandestine Dinner”.  To keep things a secret, we find out where to go at the last minute.  We meet the other guests when we get there, and the menu unfolds once we sit down at the table.  I grew up on meat and potatoes, so a secret menu is kind of scary. 
This dinner was hosted by Kitchens of Distinction Culinary Arts and owner and head chef Shirley Lang.  The dinners are small and intimate with around ten guests and are designed to give talented local chefs an opportunity to showcase their skills.  The real trick is getting invited to one of these events.   Well, that is really not too hard to do, apparently!  To get your name(s) in the pool, just email Shirley at secret@kitchensofdistinction.caand soon you will be receiving notifications of these exciting, delicious and mysterious “clandestine” events.
Our dinner turned out to be a “Journey to Morocco”.  Moroccan cuisine is considered one of the most influential cuisines in the world.  Located in North Africa, it influences date back in history of its many colonizers and immigrants.  The first inhabitants, the Berbers, left staple dishes of tagine and couscous.
The Arab invasion brought new spices, nuts, and dried fruits, as well as the sweet and sour combinations.  The Moors introduced olives and citrus while the Jewish-Moors left behind their sophisticated preserving techniques that we see in the frequent use of preserved lemons, pickles, etc.
The Ottoman Empire introduced kebabs and even the short-lived French Colony, left behind cafes, pastries, and even wine.  Over time, cooks in the kitchens of the four royal cities (Fez, Marrakesh, Meknes, and Rabat) have developed and perfected the dishes that blend each of these distinctive tastes.  Every Moroccan dish has its place in society and varies with the market, the season, and the region.
As we arrived at the table, we were provided with a menu.  Each course was unique and for me, surprisingly delicious.  Our pictorial will demonstrate the quality of the dinner.  To get into the tastes, you will have to sign up for one of Shirley’s Clandestine Dinner.  Till then, it will be a secret!
If you are a tourist coming to Victoria, then it is unlikely that you could tie into one of these dinners, but you can still try.  It certainly is worth more than a try.  If you are local my recommendation would be to move on this one as quickly as you can.  If you don’t you may get no closer than these pictures.
 For more pictures of the Clandestine Dinner, visit our Facebook Page.
It was that good!  Visit Shirley's Web Site

Rialto Hotel celebrates Victoria's 150th Birthday Party

VolleyFest - Enter your team today!

The VGSN along with the Rooftop Surf Club proudly presents
*The Fourth Annual VolleyFEST 2012!*
A Charity Roof-top Beach Volleyball Tournament and Food Drive!

***Sunday, August 19th2012***

*Benefiting The Mustard Seed and Our Place Societies*
A canned food drive will also be taken, so please
bring some when you arrive for the tourney!

Teams of 6 plus 1 sub.  Max of 7ppl. 
Co-ed Tourney: 2 persons of the opposite sex
on the court at all times.
$250 per team.  That is approx. $35 per player. 
*All proceeds go to our two charities!

Please show up by 11:30pm at the Rooftop as game play starts at 12noon.

               Please contact Maureen from the Hotel Rialto if you are interested in enter a team, this promises to be one of the best hospitality events of the summer, play, network, win!

For more pictures from last year's fun event, please visit our Facebook Page.       

Buskers Festival Victoria 2012

The buskers festival is now on in downtown Victoria.  It runs from July 20-29, so get down there soon to take some of it in.  For more amazing pictures of the festival, go to our
Facebook Page.

Victoria's 150th Celebration - Toast it with a new cocktail at the Veneto Tapa Lounge

Those of you that have met Head Bartender Simon Ogden, understand he is given a project related to cocktail history, he won't take it lightly (to be completely understated). So when the Rialto challenged him to do his research and create a cocktail to pay tribute to the City's 150th celebration...he went missing for a while.

When he emerged back into the light, he was holding the recipe to his "Incorporation Cocktail" inspired by local ingredients that were all the fashion to bar patrons of the era. Here are his notes (courtesy of the hotel):

The Incorporation Cocktail is constructed and presented in the Spirit-forward and nuanced style of the cocktails that were being served in fine Victoria bars in 1862, the year Fort Victoria was incorporated into the City of Victoria. The locally-distilled premium gin from Victoria Spirits drives the drink, combined with the honey and ginger-spice of Tugwell Creek Solstice Mead, the juicy citrus tang of Victoria-made New Theatre Tonic concentrate, all balanced with local organic lavender bitters. Top aromatics are supplied by a spanked basil leaf from my garden. A love letter to our delightful city.

So if that peaks your interest, join the staff at Veneto as they do their best to recreate the experience of cocktailing and hob nobbing back in the day. The Incorporation Cocktail will be available at a featured price as will be other beverages common in the period to try as well. Chef is going to pass out some complimentary nibbles that might have been seen in local public houses at the time.

Best Adventure Travel Websites

It would be a good idea to refer to some of the best adventure travel websites if you wish to embark on an adventure tour. There are some adventure travel sites at our finger tips, which we could suggest for you to consider when you plan your trip.

Best travel directory has been nominated as the best adventure travel company by the National Geographic Adventurer Magazine. The top 10 best selling trips are to Antarctica, Egypt, Peru, Jordan, South Africa, Costa Rica, Thailand, China, Australia and India. There is a destination of the week and free trips to be won.

National Geographic is one of the best adventure travel sites. It presents the best in adventure travel and ecotourism, complete with descriptions of destinations and photos. Get acquainted with the researchers and their projects. Right now you can choose from the best of American adventures or 20 Family Adventure travels. It is often difficult to plan a vacation that pleases all the members of your family. With the help of experts, you can do just that and have a marvelous holiday, no matter what you're looking for - culture, wildlife, or just pure relaxation. You could check out the 50 best American adventures, or go on a hiking trail. lists 21 top adventure travel companies, which present an interesting collection of adventure trips like biking in Morocco or rafting through the Grand Canyon. The websites of each company has a list of its adventure trips, with its itineraries, prices and photos to give you a 'feel' of the adventure. They include geographic expeditions, mountain travel, ecotourism and nature trips, rafting and so on.

The organizers of Gap Adventures seem to promise a lot - they wish to take you off the beaten path to come face to face with the unexpected and meet the extraordinary. They intend to make your travel dreams come true, and their only aim is to do their best to give you the very best in every sphere of your journey. Gap Adventures does not believe that an adventure trip must be costly; they try their best to keep the prices competitive and concentrate on delivering tours that you remember for a lifetime. With 1000 trips in the seven continents, there's a Gap Adventure trip for everyone!

Horizons Unlimited is a site just for motor cyclists. This is a place where all the motorbike enthusiasts share their experiences and plan their trips. Horizon Unlimited has quite a few mad adventures lined up for these riders, who think nothing of whizzing off to seemingly impossible destinations on their two wheelers. This site wishes to share all your mad capers across the continents.

These are some of the best adventure travel websites; you'll find many more at the click of your mouse, ready to help you plan your special trip.

Cheap Travel Websites - Buyer Beware!

With the increasing numbers of people who are on a budget, cheap travel sites have been doing a lot more business. Everyone wants and needs a break every now and then but times are so that being thrifty is more in fashion so to speak.

As with any other trade for websites online, there has been a growing trend for those cheap travel sites that are a little less than ethical. There are varying degrees of this - from websites sending a load of spam to the email of a past purchaser to unexplained charges on their credit card to fake tickets - but whatever the case, these are unethical and fraudulent practices from sites that are supposed to keep information confidential.

It is of the utmost important that anyone looking for cheaper airfare, travel packages, or any other form of cheap travel option, that they do their fair share of research first. There are reviews that are written online about these websites and even those sites that are dedicated to uncovering these deceitful sites. It is worth the extra time spent to find out if the site can be trusted. One sure way is to check out the security signs on the website and to check with the Better Business Bureau or other trusted business sites.

In the case that there is even a slight bit of suspicion or doubt in mind about a site, it is always a wise idea to skip the eagerness that arises when a good deal is discovered and watch for the next good deal that comes from a site that is reputable. This may just prevent a person from becoming another one of the twenty percent of individuals who have already had one of these unfortunate experiences.

The Best Travel Websites For Cheap Airfares

Finding cheap airfares is easy to do if you follow some basic guidelines and use the best travel sites. With the internet anyone can be their own travel agent and save themselves a lot of money in the process. Before I touch on the best websites to use I will first go over the most important guidelines to be thinking about before you start doing your online searches for the cheapest airfares.
The first thing to think about is how far in advance should you try to book your ticket. If you will be flying in high season then the earlier the better, probably at least three or four months in advance if at all possible. If it will not be high season then typically you can get your best deals somewhere between six to eight weeks in advance. At a minimum you should try to buy your ticket at least three weeks in advance, because this is often a requirement by the airlines to get their best fares.
The next thing to be aware of is that you should be as flexible as you possibly can. Do searches for different dates if your schedule allows it, and know that it generally tends to be more expensive to fly on Mondays, Fridays, or Sundays which are typically heavily traveled days for business people. Likewise try to be open to different departure times. And if possible be open to flying from and/or to different airports, especially those that are served by budget airlines.
The last thing to keep in mind is what day of the week you make your purchase. Several experts believe that on average you get the best prices right after midnight on Tuesday nights. The reasoning is that this is when the airlines put back on the market all of the un-purchased reservations for sale priced tickets from the previous weekend.
Armed with these basic guidelines you can now start using the best travel sites to find the best fares. First try searching the best aggregator sites which are search engines that search multiple travel websites at the same time. The best aggregators for airfares as of now are, and
After you have found a great fare with an aggregator you should also check directly with the airline's website to see if you can get it even cheaper there. And you could also do a search on Google for 'promotion codes' along with the name of the airline. Sometimes you can find a special running for the itinerary that you want, and you can only use this code on the airline's website.
Now it is time to check to see if the aggregator sites missed a budget airline due to the fact that many budget airlines do not allow themselves to be searched by the aggregators. Southwest Airlines is a prime example. You can do this by using If you discover that a budget airline that wasn't covered by the aggregator sites flies the route you need, then go to that airline's website and get a price. Sometimes it will be lower than anything that you found in your other searches.
If you follow these simple steps and use the recommended best travel sites you can easily save yourself a lot of money booking your own airline tickets. And in these difficult economic times, who doesn't want to save money whenever they can? Good luck!

5 Best Honeymoon Destinations - Honeymoon Travel Advice

Best Europe honeymoon destinations - Honeymoon Tips - Travel Advice

While her friends go on honeymoon to common destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean, why not make your honeymoon a memorable experience? There are many places to go, who can provide the special Honeymoon - When a couple decides to marry, the first and logical stop and think what is in the place of the ceremony and subsequent celebration. But for people like me, these things matter little or rather nothing, more important is the honeymoon.

Photograph by Andrew H. Brown,
National Geographic Stock
Norwegian Fjords -  The number 1 on my particular list is a road trip through the Fjords. A 
possible route would be a few days in Oslo to meet the capital to later take the car to go to Bergen, the fjords starting point. Then you should visit Flam Myrdal, Sognefjord or Stavanger. The landscape can be seen in this area are unique in Europe, and only in parts of Canada, Alaska or New Zealand you can see formations of this type.

Lately it is fashionable to do long trips on the grounds that it is a once in a lifetime, but nothing you have to travel thousands of kilometers and pass through three airports to enjoy a honeymoon. I propose my five favorite destination for honeymoon trips. In all cases I take, I refer to them for free, without guides or tour groups:

Image source -
St. Petersburg - Located on the Baltic, St. Petersburg is considered National Heritage by UNESCO. Known as the Venice of the North, a walk through its streets and canals and is in itself an experience. The Hermitage Museum is considered one of the major museums worldwide. It has a charm if you visit in winter, despite the cold. Destination therefore recommended for travelers who flee the heat.

Jordan - Jordan is a destination for adventurers. Personally, I consider Jordan as one of the countries to visit once in life. Besides the capital Amman, Petra is well worth a visit, and if possible at dawn, when lights are projected onto the monastery and gives a touch orange. What elsewhere is possible to swim in the Dead Sea? Highly recommended, although avoiding the summer months.

Image Source -
Route 66 - For lovers of combining automotive travel and adventure. Although there are sections that no longer exists, it is still possible that once part of the route linking Chicago with Los Angeles. It is possible to travel in a Ford Mustang. I recommend a minimum of 15 days to enjoy and appreciate the diversity of landscapes.

Vienna and Salzburg - Consider Austria as one of the most romantic countries in Europe. Perhaps the combination of Vienna and Salzburg is one of the great classics, but never gets old. Personally, and while they may do so at any time of year, I highly recommend do in the months of November and December, when both cities already have the typical Christmas markets, truly wonderful in and of themselves. The distances in Austria are not long, so 10 days would be enough for the two cities, but can be extended and visit Innsbruck, especially if you like skiing.

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