We recently had friends in from Alberta and decided to introduce them to Oak Bay.  In Oak Bay Village there is a cultural experience waiting to be experienced.  There are seven galleries withing about three blocks of each other.  They are all worth a visit.  The picture above is the Winchester Gallery which is at the east end of Oak Bay Village next to Ottavio's bakery and deli.  Ottavio's serve some great Italian gelato amongst other things.  There are lots of other shops and restaurants in the village worth visiting as well.  We then took our guests to the Oak Bay Marina for a wildlife experience.  There are five harbour seals that call the fish cleaning table at the Marina home.  Thousands of people come there to see and feed these seals.  They are well fed and seem quite happy.  The do0 disappear for a short time each spring to have a family.  Oak Bay also has some amazing real estate and homes, particularly in the Uplands.  Cattle Point is a favourite spot for the tour buses to stop and look towards the spectacular Mount Baker.  There are also several very good lookouts with some of the best views in Great Victoria in Oak Bay.  On your next visit to Victoria, be sure to check out Oak Bay.

Santorini - Holidays to Santorini - Places To Visit -Travel Advice

Greece - Holidays to Santorini - Places to visit in Santorini -Travel Advice

Santorini, the most beautiful island in Greece and a true paradise in white and blue. Santorini is an island of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, located 200 km from Athens. Must go on holidays to Santorin and has a many places  to visit in Santorini. Can arrive by plane in less than an hour from Athens, but the mode of transport most used and favourite is the boat.

The island is invaded by daily cruises that drop their passengers on ships and boats unable to dock vessels in the ports of the island The Island is unique and completely different from all the Greek islands but could not escape the ultra urbanization. Housing is very expensive, but paradise is priceless.

The capital is the town of Thira and its main port is Acinios (Athinios) quite out of Thira. There are many Orthodox churches in this small territory, the guide told us that families built their own church, explaining because there are so many places of worship. The roads are narrow and winding, a real danger and an adventure I do not recommend to heart. The rise of the harbor to the island is traumatic but the views are unparalleled, and are highly valued for the driver.

The sunken caldera of the volcano separates the main island Fira crescent-shaped with the other 4 beautiful islands (Thirassia is inhabited only as Fira). Today is one of the main tourist destinations in Europe and has a night (not as exaggerated as their neighbor Mykonos).

Weather in Santorini - The Island’s weather is perfect for tourists with very hot and sunny, but very dry and arid, creating the problem of water supply. Its soil is mostly volcanic and the landscape is wild, but very favorable for grapes and wine. It has many volcanic beaches all to enjoy, and hot springs. We also find many houses originally dug by the inhabitants.

Views of the caldera from Fira - Tips - If you are only one day dedicate everything to Oia, which is really a paradise and you can buy very nice gifts. In Fira better walk down the stairs instead of waiting for the endless queue of the funicular, although at first it is overwhelming.

Oia - Santorini - is for me the most beautiful Santorini, a quiet town nestled in a cliff overlooking unique.
Time seems to have stopped and in this wonderful town where you can enjoy the sunset and the most beautiful sunset in the world.

Walking through its streets are a maze where we lose our joy, we can admire the stately homes and palaces of white with blue roofs on a precipice, or their churches. You can find many jewelry artisan shops, typical gifts such as bracelets, dolls, paintings whose prices are more attractive than Fira.

It also has bars and restaurants with terraces where a drink, not without first looking at the prices (avoid surprises).

Fira - Santorini - is on the edge of a precipice. It has more terraces, its houses and narrow streets. We visit the two Cathedrals, the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral and the Catholic Cathedral. Access from its port can be by cable car or on foot. The descent advises walking and avoids the trauma of the poor animals.

On the island in addition to its two main villages, we visit the archaeological routes with their deposits. There are many archaeological remains found under volcanic ash, or from the port of Fira access the other islands by boat, to Nea Kameni with hot water, to Palea Kameni and volcanic stone beach, the beautiful neighboring Thirassia copy Santorini's most authentic and surprising island of Aspro.

Where to eat? - You can eat on the terraces of the restaurants in Oia and Fira and enjoy the views. But Oia is quieter and more economical choice than Fira. Also in Armeni are typical fish taverns.

On the local cuisine to comment on what little I know. Obviously we can enjoy seafood of course. Autochthonous wine also divided into two categories, white and Vinsanto (sweet wine). Widened be stressing the Octopus, the Greek salad, tzatziki, the taramosalata but I fall short. And with coffee frappe take a Ouzo, the traditional Greek liquor.

I could write endlessly about my experience in Santorini and how beautiful it is, but I run out of words to describe something indescribable. You need to experience and I assure you will think only to return and share this sense of well being.

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This company does and excellent job so we are sharing their change plan with you.  If you have transportation needs while in Victoria, check them out.  
CVS Sightseeing located at the corner of Government & Humboldt St.
Information: 250-386-8652  www.cvscruisevictoria.com

Dubrovnik - Croatia - Places To Visit - Travel Advice

Places To Visit or Things To Do In Dubrovnik - Croatia - Travel Advice

Dubrovnik -Croatia is a World Heritage Site and the Queen of the Adriatic.It has got many interesting places to visit or things to do during your visit. Read on this blog to know more about the Dubrovnik - Croatia

Dubrovnik is the city of Dubrovnik - Neretva county. It is located at extreme south of Croatia, situated at 495 km. of the capital Zagreb, about 216 km. Split and near the border of Montenegro and Serbia. We can be reached by land (road and rail), air (airport) and sea (port) where he receives daily boarding cruises.

Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic, is one of the fashionable cities in Europe. On our recent trip to Croatia discover the beauty of this charming city on the Dalmatian Coast is no longer a secret to anyone. The worst thing: a lot of tourism in a few square meters. The best: not disappoint. It is a beautiful city (a World Heritage Site) in a unique setting.

Dubrovnik - Croatia History - went from being dominated by the Byzantines, Venetians, Hungarians, Turks and Austrians. Long conflict with Venice for control of trade, and today for the title of the Pearl of the Adriatic. Destruction suffered several attacks by earthquakes and war, the last was the conflict in former Yugoslavia. Most of the destroyed buildings were rebuilt and there is no visual trace of that event.

The medieval town is completely surrounded by a wall awesome. The wall, as the city, is in excellent condition, well maintained and clean, safe and quiet as well. Dubrovnik has many very beautiful nearby islands, Lokrum and Lopud as to name some famous. The landscape is idyllic between the edge of the beautiful Adriatic Sea and the slopes of the mountain. There is plenty of vegetation and trees that gave the name to the city (oak forest).

To enter the city there are two gates, the Pile Gate and the Gate Stari Grad (Old) and each entry has to climb the wall. Pile Since we entered the main street Placa (former Stradum) where we left the Franciscan Monastery, right Onofrio Fountain and near Spasa Church. We will climb the wall of almost two kilometers and 25 meters to go around the city. Walking the gravel road we reach the door plate Stari Grad and Luza Square, the most aristocratic of the city. During the walk we see the buildings and Baroque palaces and many locals.

Tip: I recommend doing the tour of the wall (70 Kuna: about 10 euros) upon entering the city to enjoy the unique panoramic view and appreciate during the course of the 16 towers that houses as well as various strengths, streets, buildings and discover beaches.

In Luza Square have access to the Sponza Palace and next to the Church of San Blas with the Statue of Orlando in front. Between the two buildings and in front of the door plate can not miss the Clock Tower. Like other noteworthy buildings have, to the left of the square (looking at the Clock Tower) through the Sponza Palace, the Dominican Monastery with a beautiful church. To the right of the square we can get closer to the Rectors Palace was the seat of government and the Cathedral of the Assumption, both are important monuments of the city.

To complete the tour we go to some museums like the Maritime Museum or the Ron Brown, and also take the opportunity to see the cloisters of San Domenico and San Francisco, the Orthodox Church or Synagogue. And if we leave the premises medieval one option is to approach the island of Lokrum is a national park with beaches that can be reached by boat in no time. It has many craft stalls for gifts and generally have much artistic value. I liked the paint boxes of artists, from 60 euros you can buy a book (to avoid stalls that are printed). Prices are more expensive than in Greece but cheaper than Venice to give an idea, but in no event is dirt cheap.

Where to eat Dubrovnik - Croatia? - There are many restaurants, bars, pubs and local fast food outlets to choose from. Prices vary widely depending on the category and location, but we can find many small local streets more economical and well priced.

Lot of coastal seafood and fish also like traditional dish sausage and meatballs available to eat, culinary cultures mixed Christian, Muslim and Jewish. I only had time to try waffles, ice cream and coffee, but very rich and well priced.

Places to Visit in Dubrovnik - Croatia - The usual list of recommendations is a mixture of personal experience and comments of guides and others.

1. Walls - The old town of Dubrovnik (Stari Grad) is completely surrounded by a massive walls of the XIIIth and are one of the most repeated images and popular Croatia. You can walk around inside after payment of 10 € (adults).

2. Plate (Stradun) - Main street of Stari Grad, which crosses the famous old town from the Pile Gate (where you can see the statue of St. Blaise, patron of the city) to Luza Square, where we can see the Clock Tower and the column Orlando. Most sights are concentrated in this street or nearby.

3. Sponza Palace - XVIth century palace that houses the State Archives and the Memorial Hall of the Defenders of Dubrovnik. The entrance to the Palace cost about 2 €. More info on the official website (translated with Google Translate). Highlights include the portico of six columns and manuscript collections.

4. Church of San Blas - Baroque church built in honor of the patron of the city. Stands the marble altar.
5. Franciscan and Dominican monasteries - Dubrovnik has two famous monasteries can be visited both house museums and its own faculty. In the Franciscan, in addition, is the third oldest pharmacy in Europe (in operation since 1391).

6. Rector's Palace - The former palace of the rectors, now a museum. Although it has suffered even explosions, has been tastefully restored.

7. Cathedral of the Assumption - Beautiful baroque cathedral. Highlights include the shrine with the relics of San Blas and altars.

8. Islet of Lokrum - This small island, located almost in front of Dubrovnik, ideal for a break of one day (can not stay overnight). Pines, olive trees, oaks and rocky beaches make up the beautiful National Park. Its naturist beach is popular, especially among the gay community. The return ferry costs about 8 €. There is hardly anything to buy food and no cars.

9. Great source of Onofrio - Huge circular fountain with 16 jets. The original building dates back to 1438. It is one of the most emblematic of the city and venue for groups and tours.

10. War Photo Limited - Photo gallery with impressive collections of conflicts. There is a permanent exhibition on the war on the Balkans and several other armed conflicts. Impress and awareness. You can find a guide in Castilian for the meaning of each photo. Approx. 4 € / adult

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Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa is Rennovating

Discover their exciting new guest rooms coming in April 2012!  Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa has just announced that all 240 guestrooms are being completely renovated with completion by April 2012. Each element of the new guest rooms have been chosen to reflect comfort, convenience and thoughtfulness for  guests. Visit http://www.deltavictoria.com for more information.

This beautiful hotel is right on Victoria's amazing Inner Harbour.  It is just steps from downtown shopping, restaurants and attractions and is serviced by the cute little Harbour Ferries and water taxis.

Check out their magnificent, spacious rooms with views of the Inner Harbour and lighted legislative building.  It can't get any better than this.  They have great food services and an excellent spa.  You will not be disappointed!

For more pictures of the hotel and surroundings, check out our Facebook Page.

Looking for fun- try Adrenaline Zipline

photo courtesy of Adrenaline
Have you ever wanted to fly or overcome your fear of heights while soaring over a majestic West coast forest? At Adrena Line Zipline Adventure Tour, experience an exhilarating ride up to 60km/hr as you soar up to 150 feet off the ground on eight scenic zipline courses ranging from 150 feet to an unforgettable 1000 feet. Give these guys a try and you will have the time of your life. It is safe and lots of fun. Take it from a guy who does not like heights. I had a blast, soaring through the tree tops. You can learn more about them at

For more pictures go to our Facebook Page.

Here is what I found.  When you are standing on the tiny platform, you have to walk down a small incline and when you do, the cable supports you before you step off in space....this really makes it easy for people like me who would never jump off a plane or bungy jump.  It really was a whole pile of fun.  The staff are there to assist you in take off and landing.  There is a breaking system as you approach the landing pad.  Give it a try, you will be really glad you did.

Holiday or Tourism In Croatia - Places To Visit In Croatia - Travel Visit

What to see in Croatia? Places To Visit In Croatia - Travel Visit

It is an ideal destination for nature lovers and a paradise for nautical tourism. The best time to visit the country is in summer due to its ideal climate for many activities, such as excursions to national parks, water sports on their island ports.

In their cities can stroll through the medieval streets, know and be surprised with its stunning natural and cultural heritage. You cannot fail to visit the capital in its trolley or take a trip to the thermal region of Zagorje, north of Zagreb.

Usual tourist destination of Italian and German Croatia unusual speed progresses through the ranks of the country’s most visited by Europeans. From Spain the interest to know Croatia has grown by opening new lines of low cost flights from Madrid and Barcelona airports to the Croats. There is increasing interest in knowing whether Croatia cruises through its coasts, or paths and tracks through the cities of the Dalmatian coast.

Croatia Geographical location - It is a country in central Europe, consisting of a thousand islands, the archipelago of the Brijuni islands, is one of the most important points for their high degree of conservation of the natural environment.

In the southern and western Croatia has a coastline of 1,778 km. on the Adriatic Sea, with many ports and resorts. The relief is also made up of flat plains along Hungarian border, low mountains and highlands near Adriatic.

Croatia beach - Dubrovnik has become the ultimate symbol of the new Croatian big players in the European tourism.

Croatia map - The variety of tourism in Croatia goes beyond the beautiful cities of Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Split. It is an ideal country for a holiday, adventure sports, hiking, scuba diving, traveling by sailing the islands, enjoys your food or fine wines and routes to get lost in the magical places that history has left its streets.

The climate of Croatia - is a reflection of the variety of areas that form. In mountainous areas the climate is cold and dry, while on the Adriatic coast, the temperature is closer to the Mediterranean climate.

Being surrounded by major mountain ranges, Croatia is sheltered from the cold winters of Central Europe. The average temperature in Zagreb, capital of Croatia, is 27 degrees Celsius in summer while winter is usually 3 or 4 degrees above zero. The mountain range that stretches from north to south is responsible for establishing the differences.

In Zagreb, however, the temperature can reach up to 28 º C in July, the warmest month to go down to 2 ° C average in January.

It is best to go in the period extending from May to September if you want to enjoy the charms of the Adriatic coast. In winter, if you are interested and the rain does not bother too much, you can visit the coast without problems, but inside the snowfall is heavy, and the weather is cold weather.

Documentation Required to Visit Croatia - For stays of up to 90 days in Croatia, and for the citizens of the European community, the majority of the American countries and Japan, no visa is required. Suffice it to a valid passport.

For your safety, you should consult the list of countries whose citizens do not require visas for Croatia. In addition, we present a list of countries whose citizens can enter Croatia with the national identity of their country of origin. For more information, visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Croatia

In the industry stands Pula with its Roman amphitheater, although very popular are also Rovinig that seems to emerge from the waters of the Adriatic, or Porec, with its Basilica Eufrásica, declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

Further south, reaching Rijeca in the Gulf of Kvarner, Opatija is, the cradle of Croatian tourism, which was frequented by the early European travelers in the nineteenth century. In the Gulf are also some islands as Krek, Cres, Rab and Pag, they have noticed an increase in

Some Tourist attractions in Croatia - Major tourist destinations in Croatia are the coast, because of the great beauty of its landscapes, cities and islands. Around the coast there are places worth seeing, but some stand out for its monumentality and its natural wealth.

Zagreb the capital of Croatia -  the Upper Town (Gornji Grad) is characterized by its ancient heritage, the Lower Town (Donji Grad) and the new city. In them: old streets, small squares, cobbled, the church of San Marcos (XIII century), the palace of Ban, the Dolac market, the Museum of the City of Zagreb, the Museum of naive art and the museum of contemporary art, Ilica street, the square of Ban Jelacic-, Tkalciceva street and café terraces, the park Maksimir, the cemetery Mirogoj.

In Dubrovnik (the pearl of the Adriatic and World Heritage Site by UNESCO)- the walls that offer 2 km of walks, Franciscan and Dominican monasteries, Lochrum Island, visit the archipelago Elaphite.

In Split, second largest city of Croatia's Adriatic coast, the Roman Emperor Diocletian's palace, the ride "Riva", Mestrovic Gallery.

In Zadar - a medieval town: remains of the old People's Square, the palace Ghirardini, the municipal Loggia, Church of San Simeon and San Simeon's sarcophagus, the church of San Donato, the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of religious art, the city market.

Zadar, a city that became capital of Dalmatia, is the reference point for travel to amazing places like the island of Dugi Otok or Kornati Islands.

Sibenik, following the coastline, with the Cathedral of Santiago, another World Heritage Site.
Trogir, before arriving in Split is also a World Heritage Site. Split it now capital of Dalmatia, was honored equally with the same appreciation for its historic center and Diocletian's Palace, one of the most visited monuments in Croatia.

Leaving Split, the main destinations are the Makasrca Riviera, a spa town, the Neretva River Delta, the islands of Brac and Hvar, the latter a World Heritage Site, Korcula and Dubrovnik course, also a World Heritage Site and famous for its beauty and architectural monuments.

Inside the country's capital Zagreb and Plitvice Lakes are the most sought after, well ahead of other, better known by the traveler for Croatian abroad, such as Osijek and Varaždin.

Other tourist attractions are - 
The small town of Korcula
Trogit City (World Heritage Site by UNESCO)
Coastal towns in Istria, in central Dalmatia and South Dalmatia
The National Park Paklenica
The National Park Plitvic

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Tourist Season is just starting - Get Ready

My web site statistics just started their spring surge.  Over 50,000 people a month are looking for vacation information for trips to Vancouver Island and that is just on my web site.  So, it is time to remind ourselves as residents and business people on the Island that guest are arriving and they need to be treated like our "best friends", each and everyone of them.  Tourism is a staple of our Island economy, so we must do it right.

So here is my 20 second course on Customer Service.

Just focus on two things when you meet guests from off island....

# 1 Create good feelings.....ask yourself, how can I do that....it could be as simple as a smile and a warm greeting.

#2 Find Solutions to Problems...if you see some holding a map, ask them if they need, if they look lost on the streets, ask them if they need help....and so it goes.  
If you have a business, brainstorm with your staff and create a list of each.....many times, it is something easy to do and doesn't cost anything but a few moments of time.

This was not done to insult your intelligence but as a reminder.   Just blogging it made me do some thinking.  Have a great year.   Ron

Seachange - An Art Exhibit

Looking for something different,...try Seachange....

CACGV Gallery at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre
3220 Cedar Hill Road

runs Tuesday evening, March 27 until Sunday, April 1st
Opening reception - Thursday night, March 29th 7 pm

Seachange transforms the gallery into a drowned post-global-warming living room now overgrown by a "coral reef" of creatures created entirely from recycled clothing and household junk. The work is composed of hundreds of individual corals, "fish", and bizarre marine creatures fabricated from doilies, hair curlers, brushes, plastic scrubbing pads, feathers, bath mats, shower caps, baseball cap mesh, crocheted tuques, plastic "jelly" sandals and other cast-offs--there's even a boys' rigid black plastic athletic cup "crustacean." The breeze from an electric fan keeps the plastic shower cap medusas and the feathery tendrils of the reef gently moving. In short, lots of fun!

The installation is made up of hundreds of component parts, mostly held together with unseen straight pins, so it takes several days to create this magical little world. Surreal, gently thought-provoking, and quite lovely, this particular work is, to quote one reviewer, "so damn much fun to look at."
For further information contact Joyce Kline: 250 595-0944 or 250 891-6350

Low Cost Airlines Travellers - Luggage Packing Tips - Travel Advice

Low Cost Airlines Travellers - Luggage Packing Tips - Travel Advice

When traveling on flights of low-cost, higher cost goes to the suitcase, with his excess weight.

Actually, carrying bags is a little tiring and more ... expensive. So you'd better take note on how much weight should carry ... How, but if all that I need it? Think, but surely we can alleviate the suitcase or backpack, see how

If they do, do not take - Before going on a trip, take a few minutes to call the hotel, hostel or wherever you stay and ask if they have towels, sheets, hair dryer and all those things you do not want loaded into your bags. If the answer is yes, under any circumstances don’t bring these items into your baggage.

Seasons - Is it winter? Bring warm clothing. Is it summer? Bring light clothing. Do not carry things "just in case", and rarely will use.

Combining colours - Women are not the only garments that combine thoroughly. So for people who do not leave anything to chance, it is best to choose clothing rather neutral colors: brown, white, black and pastels. So, everything will be combined and bear less.

A simple rule - There is a rule for trips less than a week, which is to always just that nothing, is missing and most importantly: not on. Pack 1 shirt per day, 1 set of underwear per day, 1 sweater or sweater, 1 pair of pants every other day (never less than 2 pants), 2 pairs of shoes in total and occasional seasonal garment as a jacket or wind breaker a bathing suit.

It has to discount - Before you pack, make a list of all the things you wear, including the less important as underwear, socks, hair brush ... should also have items on a bed or chair, so you have a complete picture. So you'll know for sure what things are really over.

What will be heavier? - Rule known for expert travellers. This means (unless weather conditions make it unbearable) you must wear any clothing heavier, the sweaters, jackets, boots ... This will save you an extra suitcase.

Laundry - In 99% of tourist destinations will find a laundry. Make the good of life and prevents loading with tons of clothes when you can take only two or three changes and washing.

Little things, pack light - The small and insignificant things are responsible for much of the weight of luggage. So long before the pack began to buy miniature versions of everyday things: shampoo, toothpaste, creams, sunscreen, insect repellent. If you do not get products in smaller versions which you can dispense in bottles of less size.

Guides, maps and the thousands of papers - When planning your trip you usually bring you all the brochures, maps, guides, magazines, in short, all the material you can get? All that is paper-although not enough, ends up being the heaviest. Test score critical data in a single book or send yourself an email with all the information, provided you know that you will have Internet at your destination.

Present and souvenirs - Who never has been a nice souvenir for a souvenir of the trip? Some people go even more and bring presents for all family and friends. If you are someone who can not stop making gifts, choose to buy a regional food like candy, canned ... whatever you have drawn attention. In return, you can invite your loved ones to try the food you brought and by the way they see the pictures of the trip.

If the problem of luggage weight hurts you when you go from one side to another and can not do anything to make your bags lighter, you're in trouble. But luckily, you can fix it easily. There is carts luggage carrier with wheels and a handy system to hold your bags and take them wherever you want without making much effort. The suitcases with wheels are an ideal choice for those traveling for a long time or who do not want to leave anything at home.

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Rave Reviews for All Shook Up! Chemainus Theatre

This musical comedy follows a small-town girl who dreams of hitting the open road. Everything gets turned upside down when a guitar-playing roustabout rambles in, introducing her to romance, rebellion and rock 'n roll.
"... the joint gets rockin' with what's possibly the theatre's best-ever musical romance"
Peter Rusland, Cowichan Newsleader Pictorial
"All Shook Up ... you get a whole lot of fun"

Lindsay Chung, Ladysmith Chronicle
"... infused with enthusiasm ... delivered with gusto."

Adrian Chamberlain, Victoria Times Colonist
"This musical comedy follows a small-town girl who dreams of hitting the open road. Everything gets turned upside down when a guitar-playing roustabout rambles in, introducing her to romance, rebellion and rock 'n roll. "

Diane M., Victoria
If you are looking for an evening of toe tapping, body swaying music, this is an evening not to miss. All Shook up, by Joe diPietro, is loosely built around Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and musically on solid footing with the music of Elvis Presley.... Their harmonies and the musical dynamics, under the music direction of Nico Rhodes, are moving. This show has some twists that will make you laugh, some that might make you cry, but like many of Shakespeare's comedies, resolve in the end to make you feel warm of heart.

Trip Advisor Review, Edmonton
"...delicious theatrical event .. a few twists that keep the excitement going right to the final number"

- Lexi Baines, Cowichan Valley Citizen

Book Your Tickets Now »

Holiday Check List - Things To Take Note Before Holiday - Travel Advice

Holiday Check list - Things To Take Note Before Holiday - Travel Advice 

1 - Always forget something important - Before you start to do a list of everything you need to carry for travel. Investing adequate time to organize the things you want to pack and then do it yourself to keep everything in the bag with ease.

2 - Carry only the necessary - It is recommended to have all the pre-sets to separate to pack and what are the really necessary and which ones to ignore. To choose the right clothing is necessary to consider the climate of the destination and the temperature range. Should have little space, opt for clothes easily combined.

3 - Clothing without wrinkling - It is desirable that both the pants and fabrics heavier pack first, pants waistlines can be placed alternately so as not to pile on one side and leaving the bottoms of the legs to fold them out before closing the bag, once it is full.

4 - Dirty clothes loose shoes - Footwear must be in bags to prevent soiling the rest of the garments. It can be used inside the socks and shoes to save space to better use.

5 - Always unpack first what is in the bottom of the pack - It is advisable to assemble bags of clothing to have it folded in rolls separated by groups and not have to disassemble the entire wrinkle luggage or clothing.

6 - Take advantage of every corner - The hollow spaces in the bag can be used to store cotton or linen folded roll. Thus, it takes up less space and is not wrinkled. This also serves to heavy clothing: sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets take up less space if they are rolled.

7 - Do not carry sharp items in your handbag - If travel is by plane, remember that there are elements that must be shipped together with the bag. It is prohibited in the cabin of the plane any liquid or gel (beverages, shampoo, cream, sunscreen, toothpaste, hair gel, deodorant, lighters, aerosols, etc..) On international flights.
For questions about your luggage, remember to check with your airline what products are prohibited within the aircraft cabin.

8 - The bags can get lost - If travel is by plane and is accompanied, it is advisable to pack half the clothes in the trunk of the couple, and vice versa. Thus, if the luggage of one of the two is lost, no risk of running out of clothes.

9 - Travel with scales or car - For long journeys by car and family, you should build a special suitcase with things for all members to avoid having to download the entire luggage on overnight stops.

It has happened to them when they travel and reach the destination they realize they forgot to pack "x" thing. To avoid such oversights have to hand this "check list" of things for travel. Some may be not occupy, depending on the place where you go or how you travel.

List of things need check before going on your Holiday

• Waist, belt or purse document holder
• Passport / ID
• Certificate of vaccination (only for countries that require, eg yellow fever)
• Airfare or transportation (e-ticket print and / or no reserve)
• Driver's license (international or himself if necessary on arrival)
• Documentation of the vehicle (only if you travel with our own vehicle)
• Travel guide and maps (practical and useful information about our destination).
• Cash / money
• Credit card
• Camera with its own charger
• Cell phone with its own charger
• iPod or MP3 player
• Medication usual self.
• Small first aid kit
• Insect repellent
• Shampoo
• Deodorant
• Comb
• Makeup
• Toothpaste and Toothbrush
• Foam and razor blades
• Sanitary towels and / or buffers
• Toilet paper (one roll for places where there is none)
• Kleenex
• Sunscreen
• Footwear discovered
• Bath Slippers (useful for showers or baths of dubious cleanliness)
• Socks
• Underwear
• Swimwear
• Pajamas
• Pants and Skirts
• Bermuda
• Belts
• T-shirts (short sleeve and / or long)
• Cap
• Coats
• Bath towel
• Plastic bags (useful for separating clean and dirty clothes)
• Sunglasses
• Multi-purpose Swiss Army Knife

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What To Pack For The Romantic Honeymoon Trip Tips - Travel Advice

What To Pack For The Romantic Honeymoon Trip Tips - Travel Advice

Are you about to get married? Going on a romantic trip this new year? Have you postponed your honeymoon this season?

One of the hardest things about honeymoon travel is deciding what clothes and accessories to wear and what to pack in your suitcase. What besides being restricted in size and weight, we have to be super organized to carry all the basics that are required in a romantic trip.

First of all, make a list of places that you know, if the destination is a surprise, is a bit more difficult but surely you can research the weather and if beach or city.

Then organize your looks for days, to visualize that garments can use more than one and combine them with what accessories. Remember that a large necklace or bracelet can do wonders to complete one or more outfits.

As regards to clothes - We go from the inside out: underwear: bras and panties, takes pairs equals the number of days that you are traveling, also includes two or three extra tights just in case.

Tops - blouses leads sleeveless, short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve, you can combine with a plain cardigan or a blazer. if very cold, you can even use them in layers.

Shirts- You can include one or two long sleeves that can be used with a camisole underneath and you can also fold the sleeves. Such garments are perfect for day trip.

Pants or shorts depending on weather. Include one or two pairs of trousers in neutral colors: gray or beige. With these you can make several combinations just changing the top. Same thing with the shorts.

Jeans - you can use along with shoes. The option if all you long for use in high heels is to make two or three folds at the hem, thus achieving a more relaxed style. Remember that the darker the jeans are more formal, so you can take one light and one dark. (Recommendation: Use one of the jeans the day of travel, to reduce the weight in the suitcase).

Dresses - depending on the trip, choose between formal and informal. If the destination is the beach takes several thin and diaphanous fabrics and if you use city has one or two formal for a special occasion.

Accessories - very important, as these will give the finishing touch to your looks. Pack several necklaces of different lengths, to go with your clothes, some bracelets and rings will help you perfect complement.

Sunglasses, basic and a hat for cover from the sun.

Shoes - preferably not many pairs (it sounds impossible, but we can achieve). Thin sneakers or slippers, a ballerina flats or combining with almost everything: you can choose a contrasting color (red or animal print) or a neutral (or brown negroo depending on your clothes) and some high heels that you can use with your looks more formal (with dress or pants and top), these can be sandals with wedge heels or your favorite stilettos.

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BC Maritime Museum - A Great Place to Visit

Here is what is coming up at the Maritime Museum
Everybody is Irish�on St. Patrick’s Day!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a day early with the Maritime Museum of BC! Friday, March 16th from 7:30-9:30pm enjoy an evening of song, dance and refreshments as we take you to the Emerald Shore with Cookeilidh and special guests, the O’Connor O’Brien Irish Dancers.

Set in the Museum’s beautifully restored 19th c. Courtroom, Music from the Shamrock Shore; A St. Patrick’s Day Celebration will be sure to delight all ages and have everyone feeling a little Irish! As in the words of an old Irish toast, “May the sound of happy music and the lilt of Irish laughter, fill your heart with gladness, that stays forever after”.

Doors open at 7:00pm. Tickets can be purchased in advance in the Crow’s Nest gift shop of the Maritime Museum. Cost is $12 General admission; $10 for MMBC Members, Students and Seniors and children 12 and under are free.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please call 250-385-4222 or see our Events Calendar at www.mmbc.bc.ca

Also at the Maritime Museum of BC!

Attention Parents and Grandparents! Does your child love being on the ocean? Do they love the beach? Are they crazy about art? If your child is 5 to 12 years old, the Maritime Museum of BC needs you! We are accepting artwork − be it a drawing, painting, picture of a sculpture or photograph − that represents what it means to live by the ocean in a maritime city.

The artwork must include reference to the water or something nautical, such as kayaking or beach-combing, boating or fishing, etc. It can even be about the environment, as long as it is related to the ocean. The chosen art will appear in our 16-Month School Calendar which will be printed and available for sale through the Museum.

Two top prizes of an Eagle Wing Tours Whale Watching Adventure and lunch at Barb's Place at Fisherman’s Wharf will be given. Submissions may be dropped off, mailed or emailed to the Museum no later than June 30th, 2012. Winners will be announced in July, 2012.

Partial proceeds of the sale of this calendar will go to the SALTS Sail and Life Training Society, a nonprofit providing youth with life-changing adventures. All entries will temporarily be on display at the Museum after June 30th. To electronically send in a submission, or for more information please contact mdieno@mmbc.bc.ca or call 250-385-4222. You can also visit mmbc.bc.ca.

If you want to check out the museum, please go to our Facebook Page to see our photos.  It is a great place with excellent exhibits and programs.  Check it out. 

Today we posted a new addition to our web site.  This page is a self-guided tour of the marine drive scenic tour.  All you need is wheels and you are off.  Detailed descriptions of what you might find are in this addition.  If you live here, you might find something new.  If you plan on visiting, you might want to do this tour.  It is far better than you could ever get on a paid tour.  You will see more and fill your digital camera with amazing sites.  All you need is transportation and a blue sky day.   Enjoy.  You can see it by clicking on this link. 
Today was the Federation of Canadian Artists Spring Show at Goward House.  Above is artist Sandy Terry with her latest painting.  It received the Award of Excellence.  For more pictures of the event go to our Facebook Page.
When you are on Vancouver Island you need to get out on the water.  There are lots of ways to do that.  You can rent a boat, charter a guide, take a 3-hour sail, ride the BC Ferries, go whale watching etc.  The more you do, the more you will see.  Here is a video that will give you an idea of some of what you can see.  Enjoy.
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