Low Cost Airlines Travellers - Luggage Packing Tips - Travel Advice

Low Cost Airlines Travellers - Luggage Packing Tips - Travel Advice

When traveling on flights of low-cost, higher cost goes to the suitcase, with his excess weight.

Actually, carrying bags is a little tiring and more ... expensive. So you'd better take note on how much weight should carry ... How, but if all that I need it? Think, but surely we can alleviate the suitcase or backpack, see how

If they do, do not take - Before going on a trip, take a few minutes to call the hotel, hostel or wherever you stay and ask if they have towels, sheets, hair dryer and all those things you do not want loaded into your bags. If the answer is yes, under any circumstances don’t bring these items into your baggage.

Seasons - Is it winter? Bring warm clothing. Is it summer? Bring light clothing. Do not carry things "just in case", and rarely will use.

Combining colours - Women are not the only garments that combine thoroughly. So for people who do not leave anything to chance, it is best to choose clothing rather neutral colors: brown, white, black and pastels. So, everything will be combined and bear less.

A simple rule - There is a rule for trips less than a week, which is to always just that nothing, is missing and most importantly: not on. Pack 1 shirt per day, 1 set of underwear per day, 1 sweater or sweater, 1 pair of pants every other day (never less than 2 pants), 2 pairs of shoes in total and occasional seasonal garment as a jacket or wind breaker a bathing suit.

It has to discount - Before you pack, make a list of all the things you wear, including the less important as underwear, socks, hair brush ... should also have items on a bed or chair, so you have a complete picture. So you'll know for sure what things are really over.

What will be heavier? - Rule known for expert travellers. This means (unless weather conditions make it unbearable) you must wear any clothing heavier, the sweaters, jackets, boots ... This will save you an extra suitcase.

Laundry - In 99% of tourist destinations will find a laundry. Make the good of life and prevents loading with tons of clothes when you can take only two or three changes and washing.

Little things, pack light - The small and insignificant things are responsible for much of the weight of luggage. So long before the pack began to buy miniature versions of everyday things: shampoo, toothpaste, creams, sunscreen, insect repellent. If you do not get products in smaller versions which you can dispense in bottles of less size.

Guides, maps and the thousands of papers - When planning your trip you usually bring you all the brochures, maps, guides, magazines, in short, all the material you can get? All that is paper-although not enough, ends up being the heaviest. Test score critical data in a single book or send yourself an email with all the information, provided you know that you will have Internet at your destination.

Present and souvenirs - Who never has been a nice souvenir for a souvenir of the trip? Some people go even more and bring presents for all family and friends. If you are someone who can not stop making gifts, choose to buy a regional food like candy, canned ... whatever you have drawn attention. In return, you can invite your loved ones to try the food you brought and by the way they see the pictures of the trip.

If the problem of luggage weight hurts you when you go from one side to another and can not do anything to make your bags lighter, you're in trouble. But luckily, you can fix it easily. There is carts luggage carrier with wheels and a handy system to hold your bags and take them wherever you want without making much effort. The suitcases with wheels are an ideal choice for those traveling for a long time or who do not want to leave anything at home.

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