Holiday Check List - Things To Take Note Before Holiday - Travel Advice

Holiday Check list - Things To Take Note Before Holiday - Travel Advice 

1 - Always forget something important - Before you start to do a list of everything you need to carry for travel. Investing adequate time to organize the things you want to pack and then do it yourself to keep everything in the bag with ease.

2 - Carry only the necessary - It is recommended to have all the pre-sets to separate to pack and what are the really necessary and which ones to ignore. To choose the right clothing is necessary to consider the climate of the destination and the temperature range. Should have little space, opt for clothes easily combined.

3 - Clothing without wrinkling - It is desirable that both the pants and fabrics heavier pack first, pants waistlines can be placed alternately so as not to pile on one side and leaving the bottoms of the legs to fold them out before closing the bag, once it is full.

4 - Dirty clothes loose shoes - Footwear must be in bags to prevent soiling the rest of the garments. It can be used inside the socks and shoes to save space to better use.

5 - Always unpack first what is in the bottom of the pack - It is advisable to assemble bags of clothing to have it folded in rolls separated by groups and not have to disassemble the entire wrinkle luggage or clothing.

6 - Take advantage of every corner - The hollow spaces in the bag can be used to store cotton or linen folded roll. Thus, it takes up less space and is not wrinkled. This also serves to heavy clothing: sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets take up less space if they are rolled.

7 - Do not carry sharp items in your handbag - If travel is by plane, remember that there are elements that must be shipped together with the bag. It is prohibited in the cabin of the plane any liquid or gel (beverages, shampoo, cream, sunscreen, toothpaste, hair gel, deodorant, lighters, aerosols, etc..) On international flights.
For questions about your luggage, remember to check with your airline what products are prohibited within the aircraft cabin.

8 - The bags can get lost - If travel is by plane and is accompanied, it is advisable to pack half the clothes in the trunk of the couple, and vice versa. Thus, if the luggage of one of the two is lost, no risk of running out of clothes.

9 - Travel with scales or car - For long journeys by car and family, you should build a special suitcase with things for all members to avoid having to download the entire luggage on overnight stops.

It has happened to them when they travel and reach the destination they realize they forgot to pack "x" thing. To avoid such oversights have to hand this "check list" of things for travel. Some may be not occupy, depending on the place where you go or how you travel.

List of things need check before going on your Holiday

• Waist, belt or purse document holder
• Passport / ID
• Certificate of vaccination (only for countries that require, eg yellow fever)
• Airfare or transportation (e-ticket print and / or no reserve)
• Driver's license (international or himself if necessary on arrival)
• Documentation of the vehicle (only if you travel with our own vehicle)
• Travel guide and maps (practical and useful information about our destination).
• Cash / money
• Credit card
• Camera with its own charger
• Cell phone with its own charger
• iPod or MP3 player
• Medication usual self.
• Small first aid kit
• Insect repellent
• Shampoo
• Deodorant
• Comb
• Makeup
• Toothpaste and Toothbrush
• Foam and razor blades
• Sanitary towels and / or buffers
• Toilet paper (one roll for places where there is none)
• Kleenex
• Sunscreen
• Footwear discovered
• Bath Slippers (useful for showers or baths of dubious cleanliness)
• Socks
• Underwear
• Swimwear
• Pajamas
• Pants and Skirts
• Bermuda
• Belts
• T-shirts (short sleeve and / or long)
• Cap
• Coats
• Bath towel
• Plastic bags (useful for separating clean and dirty clothes)
• Sunglasses
• Multi-purpose Swiss Army Knife

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