What To Pack For The Romantic Honeymoon Trip Tips - Travel Advice

What To Pack For The Romantic Honeymoon Trip Tips - Travel Advice

Are you about to get married? Going on a romantic trip this new year? Have you postponed your honeymoon this season?

One of the hardest things about honeymoon travel is deciding what clothes and accessories to wear and what to pack in your suitcase. What besides being restricted in size and weight, we have to be super organized to carry all the basics that are required in a romantic trip.

First of all, make a list of places that you know, if the destination is a surprise, is a bit more difficult but surely you can research the weather and if beach or city.

Then organize your looks for days, to visualize that garments can use more than one and combine them with what accessories. Remember that a large necklace or bracelet can do wonders to complete one or more outfits.

As regards to clothes - We go from the inside out: underwear: bras and panties, takes pairs equals the number of days that you are traveling, also includes two or three extra tights just in case.

Tops - blouses leads sleeveless, short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve, you can combine with a plain cardigan or a blazer. if very cold, you can even use them in layers.

Shirts- You can include one or two long sleeves that can be used with a camisole underneath and you can also fold the sleeves. Such garments are perfect for day trip.

Pants or shorts depending on weather. Include one or two pairs of trousers in neutral colors: gray or beige. With these you can make several combinations just changing the top. Same thing with the shorts.

Jeans - you can use along with shoes. The option if all you long for use in high heels is to make two or three folds at the hem, thus achieving a more relaxed style. Remember that the darker the jeans are more formal, so you can take one light and one dark. (Recommendation: Use one of the jeans the day of travel, to reduce the weight in the suitcase).

Dresses - depending on the trip, choose between formal and informal. If the destination is the beach takes several thin and diaphanous fabrics and if you use city has one or two formal for a special occasion.

Accessories - very important, as these will give the finishing touch to your looks. Pack several necklaces of different lengths, to go with your clothes, some bracelets and rings will help you perfect complement.

Sunglasses, basic and a hat for cover from the sun.

Shoes - preferably not many pairs (it sounds impossible, but we can achieve). Thin sneakers or slippers, a ballerina flats or combining with almost everything: you can choose a contrasting color (red or animal print) or a neutral (or brown negroo depending on your clothes) and some high heels that you can use with your looks more formal (with dress or pants and top), these can be sandals with wedge heels or your favorite stilettos.

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