Wonders around me

I work and live in the West Shore of Victoria in a city called Langford. It is more rural than down town Victoria. Victoria is full of trails, the most notable being the Galloping Goose Trail. Everywhere you go you will find trails and walkways. I don't particularly like walking on sidewalks and road ways, so I constantly look for places to get away from it all. Not far from where I live is the Millstream river and along the shores are old growth trees. I feel fortunate to be able to immerse myself in nature so close to home. Come and visit and enjoy what we have at our doorstep.

Golfing on Vancouver Island

Serious golfers golf year round on Vancouver Island, but not me. I am a fair weather golfer, so it is this time of the year when I kick my golf into gear. If you are coming to Vancouver Island and wish to experience some of the best golf courses on the Island, I suggest you check out the Golf Trail Card, it is a good deal and the courses are great. The photo to the right is on the 19th hole at Bear Mountain showing spectacular views of Victoria, Southern Vancouver Island, Juan de Fuca Strait and the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. This is an optional hole. Bring lots of balls. There are many good golf courses in Victoria and all over Vancouver Island.

Road Trip to Qualicum

We took a couple days off and travelled up to Qualicum Beach for a little fun and relaxation. One of the very special things you can do is go for long walks on the beach when the tide goes out and boy does it go out. It seems like you can walk into the middle of the ocean and search for shells and other neat sea life. The photo to the right is on the beach in Parksville looking towards the mainland. Rathtrevor Beach is a great campground in this area.

Freak Storm Hits Victoria

On Saturday, Victoria was rocked by a freak storm that was totally out of character for this City and this time of year. We were stunned. The blossoms were in bloom, the leaves were out on the trees, daffodils were in full bloom, rhodos were out, spring was here, so we thought. The good news is that 24 hours later, there were very few signs of the storm left. Saturday morning everything was white, the sky was white, and it looked worse that most days during our mild winters. It has been sometime since I saw so much snow come down in such a short period. Good news is that it is gone and spring is back. We are back to feeling lucky that we live here.
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