US - Things To Consider When Visiting USA - Travel Advice

Tips for travelling to the U.S. - Better safe than sorry! - Travel Advice

Before travelling to USA, it is better to know the following travel tips and things to consider.

Documentation – Passport, Authorization to enter U.S., International Driving Permit

Travel Insurance - It is highly recommended to take out travel insurance that includes health coverage and that the U.S. is a country where health care is too costly.

Medicine - Anyone who takes medication daily, and therefore must travel with a considerable amount of drugs above, you should know that in addition to carry all necessary medication for the trip, as well as some reserve, it would be accompanied by a report physician describing the patient's illness, as well as a list of every drug that carries with it, since entering the country may ask us to open the bags, allowing us to justify the amount and avoid problems.

Additionally, if the case is very particular, should accompany the official translation by the embassy or consulate. And of course, take the medication as hand luggage.

It is also convenient to take aspirin or flu. Not that there do not exist or are very expensive but, we avoid wasting time looking for something similar, or even encounter communication problems.

Money and cards - My recommendation is to take two credit cards. If possible bank or savings differ. If a bank or have problems with fraud, there would still be available another card.

Ask at your bank or credit for the service of notice to the phone every time you charge the credit card. This can prevent a surprise move us and see what we have paid is exactly what we have said.

Some shops also accept debit cards as well. They will be used to withdraw cash from ATMs.

Communication - Being so far from home safely call at least a couple of times to a family. Calls from the U.S. are very expensive, so it is recommended to enable Roaming service. But, there's always use prepaid phone cards.

Also you must check that the destination country there is compatibility with our phones (3G mobile phones there is no problem).

Internet - If you carry laptop, I advise you go with a network cable with RJ45 plug, as in many hotels do not have wifi, but a wall outlet. These cables are often on sale at the hotels but their price is about $ 15.

Plugs - Important to keep a couple of plug adapters, because without them our electronic devices may not operate or charge.

Tax Tips - Tips or gratuities are the basis of wages, relatively low, American employees, and are virtually mandatory. In restaurants, the waiter usually leaves between 15% and 20% of the account. Sometimes, the invoice will be included (may appear as a "gratuity"). In others, the waiter tells us that the service is not included, but when in doubt, better to ask: Is the tip included? Unless the service is bad must be paid. If not done, probably end up asking the waiter why.

The Tax is a tax paid on purchases which the percentage is different in each city. For example, in New York City is 8.375% at shops and restaurants, except clothing and footwear costing less than $ 110, or the unprepared food purchased in stores or supermarkets, which would be exempt. As a general rule, that tax is not included in the price, which usually cause surprises when you pay.

Security - It would be advisable to register at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, we leave our personal data as well as a detailed planning with cities and hotels we stayed in during our stay. The aim is to be alerted or be located in an emergency.

It would also be more targeted to carry the phones and your embassies addresses of all the cities that we are going visit.

- Be careful with the luggage at airports, for which I would recommend plasticize the bill.

- Avoid getting into streets suspected of being dangerous, especially at certain times of the night.

- It is very useful to carry a GPS, either to drive through the country, or even for use in pedestrian mode. We help you find places of interest or even restaurants.

A dictionary (pocket if possible) may be helpful, especially if our level of English is basic shooting.

In every city there are tourist cards offered deals or priority entry to some attractions and discounts at some shops, restaurants, theaters and tours. It is worthwhile information.

It is also convenient to use public transport cards, especially in New York, known as MetroCard, because it is very advantageous, allowing unlimited use of buses and trains as a function of the duration of the chosen card.

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The importance of Travel Insurance - Travel Advice

The importance of Travel Insurance - Travel Advice

To cover these contingencies, there are different types of travel insurance, willing to provide this service with plans that can suit any type of travel.

The basic coverage provided emergency medical care for diseases and accidents, also covering drugs, dental expenses, transfers and luggage.

There are covers for all types of travel. We can find basic coverage with special coverage for trip cancellation for this, you need travel insurance contract with 15 days prior to departure date, and the reasons for cancellation are covered death in the immediate family death of a family member or companion of any case of illness or accident not allowed to travel. Coverage cancellation, we will cover the costs already taken by you if unfortunately cannot travel, such as hotels, flights, transfers, etc..

The latest classic is compensation coverage for lost luggage. In the event that you arrive at your destination airport, but his luggage never arrives, the coverage provided by your travel insurance provides compensation this offering immediately.

It would be better for you if you buy travel insurance before leaving for vacation travel. Otherwise, you have to go through serious monetary consequences if you do not choose the right holiday travel insurance at the right time. Apart from the above coverage, you must check whether other types of coverage included in your policy. Releasing the advanced non-refundable if you cancel the trip due to injury or illness and unforeseen natural disaster reduction, it is good if your holiday travel insurance pay for this loss. FRO also be desirable if in case of theft of personal belongings from your hotel room, vacation travel insurance pays for damages.

If you rent a car on your trip and if you face an accident, you are required to pay the car rental company. But if you are covered under your travel insurance holiday insurance company is supposed to compensate for this damage.

The travel insurance provides comprehensive coverage, medical, legal and baggage to all travelers who wish to travel.

The travel assistance is the set of services offered by care management companies and in some cases insurance companies, in which a team operates 24 hours to resolve any issues that arise during the trip. Generally, these problems tend to be diseases or accidents, but many companies also offer other services such as: legal assistance, dental care, medications, compensation for lost luggage, repatriation, among others.

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Eleven Tips For Buying - Travel Insurance - Travel Advice

What to look out for when you buy Travel Insurance? - Travel Advice

Do not forget to hire a travel insurance that includes medical coverage. They are inexpensive, often are provided with the ticket itself and avoid a big scare in the case of any accident no matter how small. All medical services in the U.S. are expensive if insurance is not available then, what starts as a journey of joy may end in a serious economic upset by a banality.

When looking for travel insurance please note the following items.

1. Medical assistance: One of the main points in the travel insurance is to protect your health. Hire sufficient medical coverage depending on your destination. In the U.S. and Asia the coverage should be much higher than in Europe due to the high costs involved in medicine.

2. Repatriation: In case of death or serious accident, it is important that coverage of repatriation does not have any economic or geographical limit and can be accompanied by a family without any additional cost.

3. Conditions of policy: It is also very important to read the fine print to see if certain conditions or illnesses are excluded from insurance if an accident or mishap occurs.

4. Overbooking: It's amazing to happen but unfortunately ... happens. The overselling of tickets is very common and can cause you great expense. Coverage for overbooking is recommended to be high.

5. Theft or loss of baggage: This is the most frequent coverage regarding claims. Theft or loss of baggage and documentation must be sufficiently covered by the guarantee of your travel insurance policy because this incidence is a major problem and a nuisance when you're far away from their habitual residence.

6. Telephone Support 24 hours: It is very important that the insurance company will provide a phone customer support 24 hours a day, with local numbers or collect calls, every day of the year, to address questions or claims. This number must also be available to coordinate cases and if possible by the medical infrastructure of the place, give you attention in the country where you are.

7. Stay at hotel for delays: In case of delayed transportation or inability to travel by adverse weather conditions, insurance should cover the duration of the stay at the hotel, at least five days.

8. Liability: Increasingly incorporate travel insurance liability costs, the contractors for your home?, Why not do it for your trip abroad, have liability coverage that can be useful abroad if you suffer a incident or accident involving personal injury to third parties.

9. Hazardous Sports: If you travel during your activities or extreme sports, ask us about insurance with specific coverage. offers all insurance plans for all of Spain in relation to sports.

10. Trip Cancellation Coverage: All insurance companies offer plans which include cancellation fees if you encounter a customer that prevents unexpected start your journey.

11. Having to cancel your trip is very common duty to pay a penalty for the cancellation, which can be one hundred percent of the reservation. It is especially useful to know your insurance details for trip cancellation coverage.

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Trip To Argentina - Travel Advice Tips

Tips for travel to Argentina - Travel Advice

Argentina, a country that certainly has thousands of attractions for all tastes and all the tourists around the world who are enchanted by its landscape, its festivals, food and folklore, its variety of climates, its tourism adventure, ecotourism and because it is a place that offers it all.

If your thinking to choose Argentina as your next touring spot. It is worth to visit Argentina, bear in mind some basic tips to make your trip completely enjoyable.

1. Previous research instead of going to visit Argentina since the country has a diversity of climates and is important to know what kind of clothes you wear. Argentina has seasons. However, the south is always cold.

2. If you come from America or from Europe do not need any type of visa, you can enter the country with your passport valid for at least 6 months and entitled to a minimum stay of 90 days.

3. If you come from a country with endemic diseases such as yellow fever and cholera, it is important to travel with a vaccination certificate.

4. Buenos Aires, Mendoza Wine Route, ecotourism and nature in the Iguazu Falls and landscape and nature Perito Moreno Glacier. For these destinations is important to bring comfortable clothing and be aware that as a country so big, it would take days to travel around the country, so it is recommended to do a some home work where and all to visit before travelling.

5. Argentina uses the peso, however, recommended to travel with dollars. You can also use credit cards, however, will charge a 10 or 20% more for the purchase and the provinces are recommended pesos.

6. If your trip is long, it is recommend carrying a suitcase comfortable and lightweight, but if your trip is short and focuses more on adventure travel around the country, it is recommended that you carry a backpack.

7. Electricity in Argentina is 220 volts, so recommend you to bring an adapter for your electronics.

8. Use only bottled water for drinking in Argentina and avoid eating vegetables and unpeeled fruit. It is recommended to wash well before eating.

9. If you have a any kind of medication it is important to carry a medical certificate or contact the Embassy of Argentina in your country, so you can enter it without problems.

10. For the months of December to March is summer in Argentina, so it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes, cotton slippers and shoes, as the temperature exceeds 30 degrees and from June to September is winter, so warm clothing is suggested, wool coats, coats and boots.

11. Argentina is one of the favorite places for shopping, in fact the Airport Duty Free Buenos Aires is one of the cheapest in Latin America. For purchases in the country are recommended crafts, basketry, pottery, among others in the area of ??the Coast, Iguazu Falls, semi-precious stones are available at low cost. In Santiago de Estero tapestries and carpets, in Tucumán instruments and pieces of wood, in Catamarca Argentina's national stone is the Rose of the Inca, his gold in Cafayate, the best wines in San Juan, La Rioja and Mendoza, and in Patagonia classic chocolates, sweets Argentine Mapuche handicrafts.

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Great New Fresh Snow at Mt. Washington...where are you?

To see the video of the fresh snow on mt. Washington, click here. Great New Fresh Snow at Mt. Washington...where are you?

Car Rentals - New York - Travel Advice

New York City Car Rentals - Travel Advice

Whether to rent a car in New York City or not?
New York is a city for walking, perhaps the world's best city for walking, this is indisputable. Renting a car to visit this metropolis is not a good idea because of the many jams. Now if you're in town and would like to know the surroundings or other nearby places, here are some tips to enjoy a fabulous car routes in upstate New York. You specifically talk about a trio of road trips that make you feel like an American film.

How and where to rent a car in New York City?
If you want to rent a car in New York city then better rent your car online and with enough time, the prices offered online are impossible to get once in the city.

Another trick is to rent a car in suburban New York, New Jersey, for example, across the Hudson River. This place can be reached by public transportation save gas and time, but especially to avoid the high tolls to leave the city of New York.

What are the things you need to have for renting car in New York City?
To rent a car in New York just need a driver's license and a credit card. If you are under 25 years, the rent will be charged extra, so it is advisable that the driver’s age should be at 25 years old. As in other countries, if several people are going to drive, you have to hire an additional driver and avoid problems in case of accident.

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New York City - Travel Advice

The City That Never Sleep's - New York - Travel Advice

New York, the city that never sleeps
In New York certainly will not get bored because there are plenty of activities available to entertain you. If you have time you can also do a night tour to learn more about the city. If you want to visit a classic tomato a drink at The Red Lion, giving live concerts are about 170 years. On the other hand, if you fight with the English and you like the humor you can visit one of the comedy clubs in the city, the best known is called the Comedy Cellar is located on Macdougal Street in Greenwich Village.

Strolling through Central Park
It is certainly something that you cannot do is walk through Central Park, the most famous urban park in the world in the heart of Manhattan, across all of the park will find different places, each with a different appeal.

Where to do Shopping in New York City?
Go shopping in the Big Apple, the dream of many. The main shops are in the 5th Avenidaescaparates swilling fashion stores from top designers showcase their products. If your budget does not give you to go shopping in the streets in lower Manhattan on Canal Street cheaper shops are also around the department store Century 21.

What to eat in New York City?
The 3 dishes from New York starting with P: Pizza, Pretzels (crackers) and Pastrami. Be sure to try the pizza, there are plenty of pizzerias located throughout the city. The most famous is in the West Village and is called John's of Bleecker Street. You can try the pretzels in any hot dog stand in the city are plenty and are usually in the corners. The best pastrami recommend Katz's Deli on the Lower East Side and Carnegie in the middle of Manhattan. Of course, abound throughout the city hundreds of fast food restaurants where you can eat from 6 or 7 dollars.

Where I can enjoy spectacular views?
From the Empire State and from the observatory Rockefekker centre.

Personally, one of the things that most impressed me and I liked the helicopter flight over Manhattan, takes about 15 minutes and costs a little over 100 Euros but no doubt you will enjoy the best views of Manhattan.

Strolling through Central Park
It is certainly something that you cannot do is walk through Central Park, the most famous urban park in the world in the heart of Manhattan, across all of the park will find different places, each with a different appeal.

In each of its different districts atmosphere is different, the West Village located south of 13th Street you will find it super knowledge American series Friends and Sex in New York and other films. At the other end of the city of New York is the East Village, a neighbourhood alternative.

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New York - Things To Do - Travel Advice

Places To Visit In New York City - Travel Advice

The capital of the world has much to offer that is difficult to make a short list of some of the places we visit. We would need years to discover all that we can offer a single site such as New York.

1- Raise the legendary Empire State Building and / or Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center at night and where we can enjoy incredible views of this great city that is New York. A show worth seeing.

2 - Visiting the Statue of Liberty: its majesty serves as a welcome visitor and is also a first symbol of freedom. Same as first saw many of the immigrants in America seeking freedom.

3 - Knowing the Grand Central terminal, destination for thousands of people every day who are traveling by train, and to discover its wonderful shops and restaurants of all kinds.

4 - Take the Staten Island Ferry, which takes us from lower Manhattan to Staten Island, on their way while enjoying the breathtaking views it offers of the harbor and the Statue of Liberty.

5 - Walking in Central Park: a unique place to meet thousands of people seeking tranquility in a city where the noise, traffic and bustle are a constant. Located in the heart of Manhattan, it becomes a huge lung more than 3.24 square kilometers and where we find vast fields, trails and streams where calm and enjoy the outdoors.

6 - Make a tour of the famous Broadway, which is the longest avenue in New York with a total length of 33 kilometers and serves as a good example of the majesty of this city and which brings together millions of people of all cultures every day. In addition, you can enjoy hundreds of shows and the best restaurants and shops.

7 - Visit the world's financial center, Wall Street, to discover that the picture offered to us in the movies is real enough, with their executives in suits, the hustle, bustle ...

8 - For those who are not afraid of heights, nothing better than enjoying a global view of New York by helicopter. Unique views will captivate us.

9 - Go to Times Square, especially at night, so enjoy this legendary square which is a feast for the eyes with its hundreds of neon signs that give a special attraction for citizens and tourists. Hundreds of shops and hotels make it one of the tourist resorts of the city. In fact, it is the venue for welcoming the new year.

Many More to come.....

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Hamper Party a huge sucess thanks to Joyce Kline and Peter Such

An annual Christmas Hamper party that brought some 300 people together that jointly produce 158 hampers that the Salvation Army delivered to grateful people throught out Greater Victoria was held December 18 at the home of Joyce Kline and Peter Such. Well done Joyce, Peter and Friends. This amazing event just continues to get bigger and bigger and the idea has now spread to other North American cities and what a great idea it is. To see more pictures go to our Facebook page.

Florida - Miami - Travel Advice

Florida - Things To Do In Miami - Travel Advice

Miami Beach is the best ideal tourist destination to take a vacation!

Miami Beach is located on the southern tip of Florida. Throughout the year climate is warm and is usually very hot and humid during the summer months. October to April is the best time to visit this Miami. During all seasons outdoor sports and swimming can be enjoyed

Miami Hotel - Miami Beach has many places to stay at very low cost, no need of large sums of money for hotels and expensive homes. There is a new modality that offer local residents find the best apartments with kitchen, bathroom, spacious bathrooms and all the amenities of your own home in the heart of Miami Beach just minutes from the beach

For sports lovers and outdoor activities, Miami offers plenty of options at affordable prices. Among the things to do in Miami will find different types of water activities on the beaches of Miami Beach, such as jet skiing, kite surfing, parasailing, as well as scuba diving, surfing, catamaran, Sailing, golf, skating, swimming. Bike, gym outdoors can also find tours and

Miami offers several adventures activities such as visiting the Everglades or skydiving, Miami Sea aquarium, Jungle Island, Miami Metro Zoo (Zoo), Monkey Jungle, Miami Children's Museum, Pine crest Gardens, Venetian Pool, Vizcaya Museum & Garden.

Visit the Miami Design District and Wynnewood to stroll through the museums and art galleries in Miami, also has auditoriums / Theaters / Concert halls. as, Colony Theater, Dade County Auditorium, Gusman Center For the Performing Arts, Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater, Museums and Bass Museum of Art, Frost Museum, Gold Coast Railroad Museum, The Historical Museum of South Florida, Love Art Museom , Miami Children's Museum, Miami Science & Planetarium Nuseum.

Convention Centers- Miami has got few convention centers to visit, Miami Coconut Grove Convention Center, Miami Beach Convention Center, where they perform the most important fairs and best shows of most advanced technologies in the world.

Miami Transportation -Miami has a good transportation, where it's cheaper to take a Taxi, as Amtrak Train Station (national transport by train), Greyhound Bus Station (statewide transportation by road.), Key West Express, Metrobus / Metrorail / Metromover (it's free, with a distance of Downtown Miami and Brickell.) Miami International Airport and Port of Miami (Caribbean Cruises).

Miami Shopping - those who love shopping, Miami offers everything! Stroll through Lincoln Rd, Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, Washington Avenue and Spanish Way

Visit the spectacular malls such as Aventura mall and Bal Harbour Shops, Bayside Marketplace, Cauley Square, Cocowalk, Dolphin Mall, The Falls, Lincoln Road Mall, The Mall at 163 rd St, Mall of the Americas, Merrick Park, citadel Mall, Miami International Mall Mericle Mile, Prime Outlets at Florida City, Sawgrass Mills, Shoppes at Mayfair in the Grove, Shops at Suncet Place, Southland Mall, towbar & Country Center, Westland Mall Among the things to do in Miami, shopping is within the top ten!

For food lovers, Miami offers several types of foods, American food, African and European America food and etc.

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Things To Do In Sydney - Travel Advice

Places To Visit In Sydney - Travel Advice

The beaches in Sydney are very famous. Sydney has more than 50 beaches and influences the culture of the city. The most famous and popular beaches are Bondi and Manly.

New South Wales Art Gallery is the most important art museum in New South Wales -Sydney, and one of the most famous cultural institutions of Australia.

The Bay Bridge -was an engineering milestone when it opened in 1932 and today remains the longest bridge in the world. One of the extraordinary views is from the Royal Botanic Gardens, taking us on a delightful walk to Macquaries Point. Walking from The Rocks, Circular Quay went through a meeting point for ferries, buses and trains.

Sydney Opera House - located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, It was designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon in 1957 and inaugurated on October 20, 1973, attended by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Unquestionably, this is the most recognizable icons of the city of Sydney. His famous figure which mainly comprise of different roofs, was inspired by palm fronds, as told by the architect who designed it, Jorn Utzon.

Harbour Bridge - and when is not yet out of the fascination produced by the silhouette of the Opera, another awesome icon comes from the western Sydney. Has long been the longest arch bridge in the world. Today one of the towers has a viewpoint where you can enjoy an excellent panoramic view of the city.

Circular Quay (Circular Quay) - Circular Quay is built around Sydney Cove (Sydney Cove) and many consider the most important point of the city.

Cairns - From Cairns you can hire all kinds of excursions, usually a day for diving, kayaking, riding a quad ... etc. Undoubtedly the most popular and interesting diving is because the Barrier Reef is spectacular and unique in the world. You can also do a course with the card you get the diver (PADI). Hundreds of people a year go to Cairns to dive.

Although it seems a contradiction, Cains has no own beach which is easily accessible by walking from the city, so that the city has built in the center play area with fountains, pools, ponds, a walk and lawn the enjoyment of tourists and locals, called Esplanade. If you go to a real beach, I recommend you ask in the center, will tell you the buses that take you to the nearest.

Aquarium - Do not miss, if you come to Sydney to visit the aquarium! Inside, everything is reversed. The aquarium is designed so that visitors have the impression of being closer to the fish. The paths are constructed out of the aquariums in tunnels, so you can watch the fish below and above our heads, and 360 degrees! This is by far the finest and largest aquarium I've seen, but I found none to compete!

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Australia Sydney - Travel Advice

Australia Sydney Tour - Travel Advice

Sidney-is the biggest city in Australia, with a population in its metropolitan area is the capital of New South Wales and was the settlement of the first British colony in Australia

Sydney weather - has a humid subtropical climate with mild summers and cold winters with low precipitation. The climate is moderated by proximity to the sea, and extreme temperatures are recorded in the inner western suburbs. The hottest month is January.

Where to stay? 
The Glebe - The neighborhood where most travelers prefer to stay is the Glebe, which has a continuous activity for 24 hours. Here the fun and nightlife go hand in hand. By all accounts, exchange houses and souvenir shops are interspersed with the most varied restaurants menus. However, there are hundreds of cafes, pubs, nightclubs and sex shops that attention of passers misleading, but always is well guided by the signposts.

A recommended route to move around the city is the slow ferries that sail across the bay, from Miltons Point, located in the North Bay. It has one of the best views of Sydney Harbour Bridge in the foreground, and the Opera in the background. After crossing the bridge is recommended to walk and climb the south tower, from where the view over the city is spectacular.

However I was able to visit many places in the city. For once, I left the museum side, for Sydney, unlike Melbourne, is not a city where culture is emphasized. I think we can easily realize the cost of living in a city, just by looking at the rates of transport! Sydney is a very expensive city, almost equal to Paris. Speaking of Paris, a few small pieces reminded me of the City of Light! I found Sydney dirtier than other cities of Australia. However, it should qualify, we are far from Paris, it's still very light! But when you're used to the clean, sanitized view, it is difficult!

Sydney Trains-Commuter trains also reminded me of Paris. While most are very nice and relatively new, others are old and rather dirty. But by no means is the atmosphere the same. I was surprised to see how everyone made sure that no one travels up! In addition, the atmosphere on the train to work out is downright cheerful, I like being in a parallel world, where people were laughing and having a good time together in transportation.

To cross the street in Sydney is quite a hassle! Those who have already gone in Australia are well aware of what I mean. In general, the pedestrian has priority about 8 seconds to cross! I remember the first street I've been through in Australia, I wondered if it was really serious! It is therefore necessary to run to cross at times, failing to remain planted 5 more minutes.

Sydney Shopping - If you like shopping, Sydney is a paradise on Earth! George Street is the busiest shopping street, where we find the luxury department stores such as Gucci, Prada or Louis Vuitton! Not far from the town hall are the Queen Victoria Building, built in the nineteenth century, and whose interior consists of shopping arcades. It is to me the most beautiful shopping area I've seen in Australia. You want to spend time, stores are refined and individuals. I was luckier to be there for Christmas time to see the famous giant Christmas tree set with Swarovski crystals, beautiful! Moreover, by the way, I think the month of December is a great time to visit Australia this summer, the Australians are on holiday and are free for you to visit their environment, the spirit of Christmas in Australia is a must see! The downside is that hotels are soaring!

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Travel Advice- Auckland Tourist Attractions

New Zealand -  Auckland City - Travel Advice

Auckland is a beautiful city, especially when looking at your port or some of its main streets. They are attractive to an impressive city, where we enjoy our holiday. There are many things to see and things to do in Auckland while on holiday in New Zealand.

There are many things can be done in Auckland but, most interesting one are, for example, go to the new market of Parnell, with hundreds of small shops where you can buy. Avondale, Otara Flea Market and Victoria Park Market are also ideal places to go and do some shopping. Sylvia Park, Botany Town Centre and Westfield Albany are other places where we do some shopping.

Shopping, sightseeing and Holy Trinity and St. Patrick, two cathedrals impressive, as impressive is the Sky tower in Auckland, city parks, the astrological observatory...

In Auckland City Council can enjoy the Aotea Centre, a conference room on a regular basis and where cultural activities take place. The Auckland Art Gallery is also an ideal place to visit and tour, highlighted in this regard, the National Maritime Museum, the War Museum and the Museum of Transport and Technology of the city.

Other places to visit in Auckland are the zoo or underwater tunnels that can allow us to see from below the marine fauna of the area at the Aquarium of Auckland.

The Auckland Domain is the largest park in the city, is at the bottom of it. Other parks are Victoria Park Auckland, Albert Park, Myers Park and Western Springs and also highlighted in this sense, the Manurewa Botanical Gardens.

We can also take a ferry ride or floating boat that takes us to nature reserves Devontport, the Waiheke Island or Rangitoto.

Waitakere Nature Park is a wonderful place to visit, full of subtropical forests and numerous opportunities to enjoy nature. On the other hand also highlight the Park Hunua Ranges, southeast of the city. Here we can see, among other species, wild pigs.

Besides all this, in Auckland we can enjoy many activities such as swimming, tennis, motor sports, going to watch a game of Rugby League's impressive New Zealand. The All Blacks, as they are known rugby team from New Zealand, playing in the city on numerous occasions.

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Travel Advice - Honeymoon Packages

Travel Advice - The Honeymoon Destination Selection

There are many types of honeymoons. The most important thing is how you want to share this experience with your partner.

But in many cases, the wedding celebration has taken all our savings and not much budget for the honeymoon, How to organize a honeymoon trip economy?

The season in which they are traveling is very important to define the cost of the trip, usually in the high season everything costs twice so if you want to save and organize the wedding budget trip in low season.

On the Internet you will find many travel deals that offer discounts or 2 × 1. Remember that it is not necessary to make a trip a month with just one weekend is enough to relax and regenerate.

If there is not much money to spend on the honeymoon trip do not think about long-haul destinations including aircraft or cruise travel, if possible should choose to travel to destinations where you can reach with their own vehicle. Nor look too luxurious hotel to arrange a honeymoon, a good idea to book the hotel in advance and get great deals to capitalize on your honeymoon economy.

The Honeymoon trips are most grateful to be sold today. Many expect this is the time to fulfill the dream of living the journey that never will forget, to go beyond where you think that you will never. The photos and memories will be erased.

Luxury Beach honeymoon - the Caribbean, the exotic beaches are paradise islands in the number 1 ranking for honeymoons

Big Cities and the Caribbean honeymoon- the cities they like you but do not want to miss the luxury and exclusivity of the great Caribbean resorts. The combination between staying in cities like New York or Miami, which allows hundreds of activities and glamour to know the cameras of your favorite films, coupled with the best care in the world's most beautiful beaches.

Adventure spots for honeymoon - For those who want to take your partner to the end of the world, go natural confines, to see animals or live with other ethnic groups. No adventure trip leave you indifferent. On trips as it is everything.

Honeymoon in Cruises: the best hotels say it is precisely these floating vessels which can travel without giving you even notice. The entertainment is maximum, high service quality, and the range of possibilities at all levels (destinations, routes, durations, types of bedrooms, ...) is varied.

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Travel Advice - Travel Tips for South Africa Visit

Travel Tips for South Africa - Travel Advice 

Crime and danger can frighten tourists thinking of visiting South Africa, but should not be an impediment to seeing the many wonders that this country offers. Taking precautionary measures should not be any problem seeing in this country. These are the few things you should take care, if you travel to any major city in the world like New York, Paris, London, Delhi, Mumbai.........

Travel Safety Tips -
The Cape Town is like any metropolitan area in the world, so it better -

- Never leave your luggage unattended or leave it

- Do not let the cameras view.

- Use safes in hotels and leave all your belongings and valuables inside.

- Always make sure the hotel room is secure.

- Do not venture into the street at night you alone, and avoid as far as possible walk in isolated areas.

- Always lock your car keys and keep the windows closed (though it's hot)

- Do not wear valuables (jewelry, expensive clothes ...)

- Do not carry much money while exploring the city.

- If you go to a restaurant, women are advised to leave the bag from the back of the chair and the same.

- Men are encouraged to put their wallets in their pants front pockets, never in the rear, where they can be more easily accessible for "pickpockets"

- Do not trust if someone asks for help or start screaming, run away all you can, you can be a trap

If you plan to tour South Africa by car, it is recommend that you make your reservation in advance because  packages that include a fuel tank, additional driver fee and a GPS (Quite important for South Africa).

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Santa Bringing Snow This Christmas to Mount Washington

Santa Bringing Snow This Christmas!
Image: The Pepsi Torchlight Parade and Fireworks will light up the night sky on Boxing Day.

La Nina was in full force in November. The snow was falling fast and furious, the temperatures were below normal and Mount Washington opened ahead of schedule. It was the kind of early season dreams are made of. Then something strange happened, La Nina went on holidays.

“Since opening on December 2nd, we've had one of the sunniest, driest Decembers on record,” explains Resort spokesperson Brent Curtain. “That's not what you would expect from a La Nina weather pattern. It's been a great start for fairweather skiers and boarders but not the best for the powderhounds.”

Looking at the forecast, it appears the sunny and dry conditions are going to change pretty quick and it definitely looks like La Nina's holiday is coming to an end. According to, snow is expected to fall moderately beginning Friday afternoon with heavy accumulations expected through Sunday.

“It looks like we may get another epic Christmas Eve like last season,” says Curtain.

Going back to last year's Christmas Holiday, Mount Washington received a whopping 1.5 metres of snow on Christmas Eve. The snow in the forecast isn't expected to arrive in the same epic proportions that it did last year, but new snow is more than welcome for the holiday season.

“The new snow will put a nice frosting on the trees and turn the Resort into a winter wonderland just in time for Christmas, thanks Santa!”

The conditons will be perfect for Mount Washington's holiday events over the next two weeks:

December 23 Carols by Candlelight
December 24 Christmas Eve Service
December 26 Pepsi Torchlight Parade and Fireworks
December 31 New Year's Eve Celebrations

If you're looking for a white Christmas, Mount Washington is the perfect location! For more information on the holiday events, check out the full event calendar at

Mount Washington Alpine Resort is located 30 minutes above The Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. WestJet, Central Mountain Air, Pacific Coastal Airlines, and Island Express service the Comox Valley Airport (YQQ). To find out about accommodation and package information, call Mount Washington Alpine Resort at 1-888-231-1499 toll free or locally at 250-338-1386. Surf to for additional information including our live snow cam.

Sun Shines on Victoria To Golf or not to Golf

Sun Shines on Victoria - To Golf or not to Golf, that is the question. The golfer next to the oak tree has a Santa hat on. I love golf, but I have my limits. These photos were taken around 11:30 am this morning and although it was sunny, the temperature was only about 5C or 41F. I like about 15C for a minimum to golf...yes I know, what a weep! Check out our Facebook page for more photos and to see what our City fountain looks like at 5C or 41 F. Enjoy

Birds and Seals get hungry too....

Today I took my granddaughter to the Oak Bay Marina to feed the seals and to Esquimalt Lagoon because these are a couple of her favourite things to do. It was a nice day and all the critters were really hungry. Merry Christmas critters....from Madison. For more pictures go to our Facebook page.

Travel Advice - Places To Visit In Phi Phi Island

Travel Advice - Places to Visit in Phi Phi Island

Maya bay -Maya Bay on Phi Phi Ley is an island on the southern island of Phi phi Don. The island is uninhabited and there are no accommodations available here most of the island just a lump of steep rocks and there is no plateau.

Maya bay is somewhat sheltered by two reef into large flanking the entrance, so no big waves that could touch the beautiful beaches. It's very nice scenery, clear water and blue green surrounded by towering cliffs.

Behind the beach there is only grass and wild plants and 50 meters "stuck" to the rock wall, so what we see in the movie The Beach was a hoax!!,.

Same Loh bay - Another bay on the PPL island

Viking Cape - Still in the PPL, a cave in the rock walls, as once used as a residence or place of pirate defense, the Viking sailors who once lived there. But it is unlikely that Viking sailors originated in mainland Denmark get there.

Monkey Beach - small beach at the PPD, which is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys

Ton Say Bay - Beautiful indeed with dozens of boats that dump the anchor with a row of the ITB on the beach.

Loh In Bay - The bay is only separated by 100 m wide inland from Ton say bay. Loh in this almost like Maya Bay but here is more crowded and "less secret". Beautiful scenery is only in the morning.

Yongkasem Bay - Another beautiful bay in the PPD, can be reached using a boat or ITB. But if you love a challenge can try kayaking. The right time for kayaking are in the morning when the sea was calm and the wind is not blowing too hard.

Long Beach - This beach is located on the south side of the PPD, 3 km in length can be reached by walk from Ton say bays or using ITB.

View Point - If you want to see PPD from high places and wait for the sun sinking in the west. We need to walk about 2 miles to reach this view point.

Food - Cuisine in the PPI is not much different from Phuket you will get a cheaper food from a small restaurant or roadside stalls, cost you about 60-120 baht for one serving Thai cuisine. If you want to nice seafood restaurants then, price is ranging 150-300 baht.

Another place to visit is Mosquito Island

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