Travel Advice - Places To Visit In Phi Phi Island

Travel Advice - Places to Visit in Phi Phi Island

Maya bay -Maya Bay on Phi Phi Ley is an island on the southern island of Phi phi Don. The island is uninhabited and there are no accommodations available here most of the island just a lump of steep rocks and there is no plateau.

Maya bay is somewhat sheltered by two reef into large flanking the entrance, so no big waves that could touch the beautiful beaches. It's very nice scenery, clear water and blue green surrounded by towering cliffs.

Behind the beach there is only grass and wild plants and 50 meters "stuck" to the rock wall, so what we see in the movie The Beach was a hoax!!,.

Same Loh bay - Another bay on the PPL island

Viking Cape - Still in the PPL, a cave in the rock walls, as once used as a residence or place of pirate defense, the Viking sailors who once lived there. But it is unlikely that Viking sailors originated in mainland Denmark get there.

Monkey Beach - small beach at the PPD, which is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys

Ton Say Bay - Beautiful indeed with dozens of boats that dump the anchor with a row of the ITB on the beach.

Loh In Bay - The bay is only separated by 100 m wide inland from Ton say bay. Loh in this almost like Maya Bay but here is more crowded and "less secret". Beautiful scenery is only in the morning.

Yongkasem Bay - Another beautiful bay in the PPD, can be reached using a boat or ITB. But if you love a challenge can try kayaking. The right time for kayaking are in the morning when the sea was calm and the wind is not blowing too hard.

Long Beach - This beach is located on the south side of the PPD, 3 km in length can be reached by walk from Ton say bays or using ITB.

View Point - If you want to see PPD from high places and wait for the sun sinking in the west. We need to walk about 2 miles to reach this view point.

Food - Cuisine in the PPI is not much different from Phuket you will get a cheaper food from a small restaurant or roadside stalls, cost you about 60-120 baht for one serving Thai cuisine. If you want to nice seafood restaurants then, price is ranging 150-300 baht.

Another place to visit is Mosquito Island

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