Places To Visit In Kullu Manali - Honeymoon Travel Advice

Travel Advice - Places To Visit In Kullu Manali - Honeymoon Travel Advice

Make sure your travel itinerary covers the following places during kullu Manali visit. Kullu Manali at a distance of 40 kilometers from the famous tourist destination. Right banks of the Beas is a small town very delightful. Almost all of lodging and eating facilities. 2-3 kilometers from the city's old Manali village. It is said that 'Manu - memory' of known sage Manu supernatural after the last boat had stopped coming to this place. The village of Manu Manu - Manu of asylum - after Ali trekked Manali has become famous. Hidimba pine forests in the village seem to have the temple. It also comes Hidimba that is described in the Mahabharata. Pandavas had spent in the underground shelter of the mountains.

About three kilometers from Manali a little above the right bank of the Beas is famous Vashisht village. Rishi Vashishta is said to have meditated here. An ancient temple is imprisoned in his memory. In addition to natural hot water glasses are characterized by the village.

The other activities for tourists in the summer provides the opportunity to play on the ice. Tourists enjoy skiing summer skiing at a place called in Solang Nala gets a chance to. 51 kms away from Manali side of Rohtang Pass is beginning area of ​​Lahaul. The Pass is the origin of the river Beas. This is from the Beas Kund thin stream is beginning to flow as the river Beas.

After visiting these places if the time should return through the left bank of river Beas. A paved road which links the way to Kullu Manali. Kullu on arrival to the left bank across the river from the bridge has to go on foot. If traveling by private vehicle being thin from a place called the city - at a place called kuhl has to get on the highway.

Six kilometers away from Manali to Beas is a place Jagtsuk left. Nestled in the hills picturesque village very intriguing. PWD Rest House here to stay, too. In fact the village is the capital of Kullu state. Within the period of twelve generations of Kullu Rajvanshjon ruled. Capital city named after its location was moved. Jagtsuk additional peak in the natural beauty of the Shiva Temple is built in the style. The temple is the temple of Gayatri Devi. According to the priest, of its kind in the country probably has a different temple.

Jagtsuk is located at 12 kilometers from the city, a historic village. Approximately 27 kms from Kullu. Jagtsuk the city is the capital of the Kullu dynasty. So here is a hill fort. Nowadays the castle as a hotel Tourism Development Corporation is running. Rurik is world famous art gallery in the city. The Art Gallery is one kilometer away from the fort. In the same way that the beautiful temple of Tripura is one of the scenic spots. Those who travel in private vehicles, the city should take your own vehicle or mode of thin-kuhl to Kullu for them to come back to this place.

But for the adventurous and exciting tours will be prepared separately. Training Institute at Manali hill before travel to high altitude areas of the contact will be helpful in your adventure more exciting.

Comes to the Kullu valley is a valley. This is the name of Parvati Valley. Bhuntr to enter the valley has to go through the place. This place is the airport. If you have not visited the valley Manikarn journey remains incomplete. There are too many glasses of hot water here. Boiling water from the earth comes out of these glasses. Related to legend of Shiva and Parvati heard this place is here so it has its own joys.

In addition to the Raghunath temple in Manikarn's is a magnificent shrine. Anchor is also available along with the convenience of night rest. In addition, tourism also provides food and accommodation facilities.

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