Travel Advice - Food To Eat in Malaysia

Travel Advice - Cuisine of Malaysia

The islands of Southeast Asia known for its culinary traditions, which are formed from the East Asian "continental" culinary schools and local traditions. Each province has its own culinary traditions and characteristics, different methods of cooking ingredients and dishes.

Staple is rice. Most often it is prepared absolutely fresh, just as a side dish, shielding and emphasizes flavor. Sometimes the figure is painted in the process of cooking, cook it in broth or steamed, fried with spices and vegetables, stewed with water or coconut milk for dessert tenderize in coconut milk and mixed with bananas and other fruits, as well as make the rice crisps, rice noodles, a variety of baked goods made with rice flour and rice pudding, just fried with various ingredients and served with vegetables, seasoned with plenty of sauce. Popular "nasi Lemak" - cooked in coconut milk sauce with the addition of rice, vegetables, nuts, eggs, cucumber, rice and coconut milk curry with fish "nasi dagang" rice patties "ketupat" pancakes "roti Chan," fried rice " nasi goreng ", flat rice noodles with shrimp, herbs, shellfish, eggs, soy sauce and chili paste" Cha Kwai Tew, "cooked in coconut milk sticky rice" lemang "Chinese rice with slices of chicken and pasta with various sauces and ingredients.

Find wide application vegetables, bamboo shoots, soy, coconut milk and even fruit. The use of fruit in cooking in Malaysia, certainly surpasses even such well-known "experts" in this case, as the Indians. Many types of local fruits are simply unknown in Europe, and some have such a specific taste or appearance, that their application for a European it seems highly dubious, but nevertheless, fruit dishes using ingredients as some of the most popular among locals and tourists. National dish is vegetable salad, "Gado Gado" with peanut sauce, coconut milk and hot pepper, and soy sprouts and bamboo shoots, pickled vegetables, "RACA" ??and "rodzhak" - salad with pineapple, cucumber, shrimp fritters and boiled egg served with peanut sauce.

As in other parts of Southeast Asia, beef and pork using a little bit. It is rather solemn and ceremonial than daily, dishes. Interesting stew of meat in coconut milk with spices "rendang", rice with chicken "haynaniz" noodles in curry sauce with boiled chicken, "curry laksa" Chicken kebabs with sweet and sour peanut sauce "sati atm" chicken soup "Soto atm" , empanadas "murtabak", etc.

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