Saving Money on Travel

There is no need for a person to put aside their dreams of travel because of economic uncertainty because of the great travel deals available today.

The best way to save money on travel is to cut out the middleman by firing your travel agent. Instead of going to a travel agency, go online and search for deals yourself. Most people should be able to find really good deals on airline and train tickets, cruises and hotel rooms online.

Today's online travel sites are easy to use and understand. Anybody who can surf the net should be able to find a really good deal quickly. The best suggestion when going online for travel is to visit several different travel sites such as Orbitz and Priceline.

Another good suggestion when searching for travel deals on the web is to visit the sites of airlines, railroads, cruise ship companies and hotel chains directly. In many cases these sites will feature deals that can't be found elsewhere.

Going directly to the source is a really good idea when booking travel at the last minute. Hotel companies and airlines often have last minute bargains available because they loose money whenever a room or seat sits empty.

Perhaps the best advice in planning travel is to start shopping for tickets and hotel rooms as early as possible. Start shopping for the tickets and rooms you need as soon as you start planning your trip. Many hotels and airlines will give people who book early, good deals. Booking early can lock in your price and ensure that you get the room and ticket you want.

The other good piece of advice is to be flexible when planning your trip. If possible try to go in the off season, because that's when you get the best deals. Generally, the cheapest deals are available in the fall or late spring.

When planning a ski trip consider late January or late March which are the off season in the ski industry. For a beach vacation, the fall is often a good time to go if you can find a beach with nice weather. The fall is also the best time to book trips to Europe, Asia and places like New York.

Another great tip is to try and get off the beaten path and head for lesser destinations. Those on a budget can save quite a bit of money by avoiding the really popular travel spots and looking for alternatives.

For example you could take your beach vacation in Costa Rica instead of Mexico. Or head to an Eastern European destination such as Poland or Macedonia instead of Paris or London. In the US you could choose Panama City, Florida, over Miami or Hawaii.

A good way to spot these locations is look at the travel websites, travel magazines and travel sections of newspapers. These often feature articles about bargain destinations and exotic trips that are cheaper than the normal spots.

Finally, look for ways to save money when you get to the destination. An example of this would be to take public transit instead of renting a car or renting a room with a kitchen so you could cook some of your own meals.

Avail Cheap Travel Deals Offered by Travel Sites

There are many travel services companies that offer discount offers on airline tickets to different tourist destinations across the world. In order to cope up with the tough competition among themselves they try to offer lucrative deals to the travelers. Cheap travel deals to many places are offered by these sites. If you are also one of those who are in search of good airline packages or are looking for cheap airline tickets, you have to browse the internet to find out some genuine and trustworthy travel sites.

Many people who are interested in touring to different places of interest in this world look for a cheap travel deal or airline packages to spend a vacation. There can be many travel deals like special discount to the defense personals or to the senior citizens etc. There can also be some airline packages to students or scholars who want to study culture of different countries. If you do not fit into any of these categories, you still do not have to lose hope. There are many additional benefits that the travel sites offer apart from offering cheap airline tickets.

Loyal users of a travel site are given more facilities and they can enjoy more privileges as they can earn some points or miles after every international tour. That is for every tour they can get some miles like 50 or 100 miles and on these miles there would be a certain percentage of discounts. A regular traveler can accumulate these points and get good discounts on his airline tickets to any part of the world. Most travelers use these miles for discount purpose in their future travel.

Different travel sites have different types of deals. You can conduct a search in the internet and find out what types of deals are offered. You can pick to book your airline tickets with the company that caters to your needs the most. You have to be vigilant enough to know from which site you can gain the most. There are some seasons in the year when cheap travel deals are offered. You have to keep your tour flexible to enjoy such benefits. For example summer is considered as the best season to travel to tourist spots by many travelers. Therefore, at this time the prices of airline tickets soar high. You can opt to travel some other time to travel to enjoy discount tickets.

Sometimes there may be special airline packages but booking tickets for a round trip will definitely reduce your expenses. There are many more tips that you can adopt to avail cheap plane tickets packages. In order to know more about the tips to get discount airline tickets you have to regularly follow the travel sites, read the forums, reviews and other travel related information. You can also subscribe to a newsletter with a good travel services company to get the updates and cheap travel deals and plan a fun filled vacation to your favorite destination.

Best Luxury Romantic Castle Hotel In Europe - Travel Advice Hotel Tips

Most Luxurious, Beautiful and Romantic Castle Hotels - Best Luxury Romantic Castle Hotel In Europe -Travel Advice Hotel Tips

The castles of Europe are certainly within the major attractions of the old continent. Did you know that some of them also function as hotels? Imagine a romantic stay in a striking castle that also offers all the amenities a dream!

Here are some of the best castles hotels in Europe-

Amberley Castle, England - To experience a film, this authentic English castle with a moat around and stately rooms is ideal.

It is located in the town of Arundel in West Sussex and has Norman style. The 4-star hotel offers all the comforts expected .

Ashford Castle, Ireland - This luxurious five-star hotel is a favorite of many celebrities even for weddings. Surrounded by 142 hectares where you can do different activities such as falconry and traditional hunting of birds, enjoy the excellent service hotel kitchen ..

Sch├Ânburg Castle, Germany - One of the most idyllic and beautiful castles in Germany, with wonderful views of the river Rhine. The rooms are decorated to stay historical reasons, including a chapel and a tower prison ..

Dalhousie Castle, Scotland - This luxurious castle hotel near Edinburgh city is surrounded by a fort dating to the thirteenth century and scenic woodlands along the banks of the River Esk, and maintains in its decoration many features of the original castle ..

Chateau De Codignat, France - This beautiful castle and XV century fortress in the volcanic region of Auvergne is surrounded by ancient forests and rivers, with a look of genuine fairy tale castle with its towers, corridors and colorful rooms with armor ..

Ruthin Castle, Wales - In the town of Ruthin find this castle dating from 1277, which has its own history and that he knew belonged to the kings Edward I, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Surrounded by private gardens to the banks of the River Clwyd, this particular castle hotel offers stylish medieval theme parties for fans of that era ..

Castello Orsini, Italy - This castle located on the heights of the Sabina countryside, overlooking the Tiber valley and the green mountains of Lucretii is only a few kilometers north of Rome. Works like a 5 star spa hotel while maintaining its air of ancient castle with stone walls and period furniture ..

Glengarry Castle Hotel, Scotland - This castle is located on the shores of Loch Oich in the Highlands of Scotland, in a very romantic and beautiful, making it an ideal place for a honeymoon ..

Clontard Castle, Ireland - Just 3 kilometers from the city of Dublin, this castle was recycled to make it a splendid boutique hotel with modern interiors living with turrets and tapestries in a unique effect of the encounter between past and present ..

Le Chateau Fort Sedan, France - Le Chateau, the largest medieval castle in Europe, was turned into a contemporary hotel unforgettable. Located in Sedan, in the region of Champagne-Ardenne, offers beautiful stone rooms decorated in earth .. A curious fact?

This is one of the few castle-hotels in Europe where you get wi-fi signal throughout the building. Ideal for those working to maintain communications while in Europe without giving a sense of royalty and splendour!.
All Image Sources on this blog - thetraveldepot.blogspot

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The Coolest Ride on Vancvouver Island - Mt. Washington

The remaining signs of last winter's snowfall are now only evident through deep snow drifts found at the upper reaches of the mountain. At lower elevations, the temperatures are climbing into warm territory and the perennials are poking their heads out. Summer has arrived at Mount Washington!

The resort opens up this Friday, June 29 at 11am for its first day of summer operations. Mile High Scenic Chairlift Rides, Bungee Trampoline and some of the finest views on the planet will be on offer.

“There's probably nothing better to show your visiting friends and family than the view from the top of Mount Washington,” explains resort spokesperson Brent Curtain. “It's a great way to show off the beauty of where we live.”
As an opening weekend special, Mount Washington is offering 25% off the Scenic Ride and Dine package. Adults get a ride up the mountain and lunch or dinner for under $20. “We're offering this deal from opening day through to Monday, July 2nd,” adds Curtain.

To celebrate Canada Day Weekend, the mountain will host the Thrifty Foods Canada Day Celebration on Sunday, July 1. The fun-filled event will feature a bouncy castle, crafts and face painting for the kids, plus a delicious Canada Day cupcake for all. The fun starts at 1pm.

An action-packed festival and event calendar is highlighted by the annual Suds and Scotch Festival at the Raven Lodge on Friday, July 13 and the Bearclaw Invitational Slopestyle on August 3-4. The Alpine Wine and Food Festival returns on August 24-25.

Mount Washington is open daily beginning Friday, June 29. The Eagle Express will deliver hikers and sightseers to the top of the mountain and back down again 7 days a week from 11am to 7pm. The popular Bike Park, which is currently on hold due to lingering snow, will open on July 28.
For all summer event details and mountain information, surf to
Mount Washington Alpine Resort is open for summer Mile High Scenic Chairlift Rides! The resort is located 30 minutes above The Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. WestJet, Central Mountain Air, and Pacific Coastal Airlines service the Comox Valley Airport (YQQ). To find out about accommodation and package information, call Mount Washington Alpine Resort at 1-888-231-1499 toll free or locally at 250-338-1386. Surf to for additional information including our live webcams.

The Fabulous Fairmont Empress Hotel

Last night we were provided with an industry tour of the fabulous Fairmont Empress Hotel. It is easy to see why this Fairmont hotel sets itself apart from most of the other hotels in Victoria. First the charm and history capture you immed...iately. We started our tour in the beautiful Palm Court with the amazing dome over head. We were provided with drinks and appetizers while we were greeted by Anita our hostess for the evening and we mingled and met many of the key staff of the Empress. The sliders and fish and chips were well presented and so very tasty. Well done, Chef Silva! Then it was off to see the Empress. We started with the amazing Bengal Room. The curry buffet is absolutely amazing. We often go there for a refreshing drink and an appy when we are downtown. Our favourite cocktail is the 1908...this is the year the Empress opened and starting serving tea. The Bengal Room is beautiful and a great place to relax and unwind. Then we had a good look at the shops in the concourse outside the Bengal Lounge. If you were looking for a great gift or keepsake from your trip, you would find it here. The staff were very proud to show us the Gold Rooms and Concierge Lounge. After looking at some of the luxury accommodations, we would certainly recommend looking into the gold plan. All forty-five exclusive Fairmont Gold Rooms and Suites have undergone a multimillion dollar renovation. For guest booking a gold room, a private Concierge lounge access with lavish continental breakfast, honour bar and evening hors d'oeuvres with attentive Concierge team is provided. An executive boardroom, laptop work station and WiFi features are designed to exceed the needs of the most discerning traveler. The we were off to the Wilow Steam Spa. Pround manager, Anita greetedus and provided samples from the Empress Tea Service and a tour of the Spa, including an arm and hand massage. This is the place to relax and unwind. It was a great place to end our tour. The staff we encountered throughout the tour were friendly and helpful. Thanks to the staff and management of the Fairmont Empress for such a wonderful tour.

For more photos, please go to Facebook.

How Travel Sites Offer Cheap Air Tickets and Hotel Deals

Has it intrigued you enough to find why a travel site is able to offer such cheap air tickets; whereas the official sites show panic-inducing prices for the same travel products?

If yes, then you are reading the right article since in this article, we explain the popular methods employed by different travel sites to offer you cheap air fare and attractive hotel deals.

Volume Play

Imagine yourself as a top airline with 50 airplanes and regular flights. Won't you love if a travel agent comes to you and shows the possible customers he can get for you? Would you not consider his request to offer him special rates so that he succeeds in attracting more and more customers and you gain along with him? After all, what fun is there in flying a Boeing with few passengers?

Now, let's see your possible benefits. If you do offer him the special rates, you would get a newer customer base and decrease the amount of advertisement effort, thus in turn making even more savings, generating more revenue and making more profits.

This is what a reputed travel site with its rich consumer base is able to get you. It arranges special fares by the virtue on the traffic volume and pass on the special rates to the end consumers.


What doesn't get done by volume; gets done by owning it. Imagine yourself as a travel site with hotel properties spread across a certain geography. Since you already have access to high traffic and no need to market your site, won't you want to use it for marketing your hotels and get higher occupancy levels?

Ownership too differs in nature. From time-sharing to owning a certain percentage of hotel rooms, travel sites work out different terms with hotel properties and pass these benefits further to the consumers.

All Inclusive Deals

Through all-inclusive deals, travel sites work out special deals with different suppliers and multiply the little discounts each offers to get bigger savings for the end users. This might not be available for the consumers if they searched for each product individually.

The basic idea travel sites go to market with is to help consumers save money and therefore get bigger traffic in turn. While no travel service provider gives up on profits, they nevertheless agree to offer discounts once they see the real picture. Clearly, a travel site with years under its belt benefits more since it has control over a larger audience. Therefore, whenever you want to book cheap air tickets or hotel deals, it is advisable that you do it with a site with few years under its belt since tenure does define the amount of savings a travel site can offer you.

Caribbean Guide - Caribbean wild Vocation Destinations

Caribbean Guide - Caribbean wild Vocation Destinations - Places or Islands to visit in Caribbean

There many nice places or islands to visit during your Caribbean holiday, in this blog listed few of those places visited by most people.

(image -
Santa Marta - Scenarios idyllic islands surrounded by clear waters and mountains that flow into the sea. Main destinations: Santa Marta and Tayrona, the Islas del Rosario and San Andres

Santa Marta and Tayrona - Santa Marta, located between Sierra Nevada and the coast of the Caribbean Sea, is famous for its beautiful beaches and for its extensive range. Unlike other Caribbean destinations, this part of Colombia has a particular geography that brings together in one place beaches, forests, rivers and mountains. In addition, Santa Marta is considered the oldest city in South America and preserved in the historical center a cool Caribbean atmosphere and a warm climate with quite roads that always lead us into the sea. Near the center is the tourist area of El Rodadero, which is where most buildings up.

But the best beaches in the region are not in the same city but about twenty minutes in the Tayrona National Reserve, covering acres of forest landscapes and mountains that descend from the Sierra Nevada, forming bays, coves and over 20 beaches down to the crystal clear Caribbean waters.

(Image -
Cartagena and the islands of the rosary - Cartagena is a city that looks to the Caribbean and is immersed in a large wall with forts and towers. The historic, one of the best preserved in Latin America, and its streets with colorful balconies that lead us scenarios straight out of the novels of Gabriel Garcia Marquez with their Caribbean paradise islands make Cartagena one of the most complete of Colombia .

The best thing to do in Cartagena is getting caught up in the streets. At every corner we find a surprise. Each step appears to us a postcard.

The wall is the boundary that separates us from the sea and miles of this city resguardaron bastions of pirate attacks.

Cartagena also has its charm away from the legendary streets: the Rosario Islands. For nearly an hour by boat leaving from the pier you will find the Caribbean Pegasos in all its glory in the 27 islands that make up the National Natural Park Corales del Rosario.

(image -
White sand beaches, clear waters and huge palm trees to relax away from everything. The main Big Island where you can observe internal lagoons, rainforests and lush vegetation surrounded by the sea.

This landscape of turquoise waters also hidden under a great show. In the islands offer diving trips by expert guides. The approximate cost of this activity is U.S. $ 100.

If you want to stay more than a day you can stay in one of the hotels on the islands, if you prefer to spend only the day, remember that these lodgings have restaurants.

San Andres Island - The island of San Andres is one of the favorite destinations of Peruvians not only for the honeymoon as well for the holidays and that's because it offers in one place relax beside a sea of seven colors and white sand in a remote place located over 770 kilometers northwest of Colombia.

(Image -
The best offering this island is definitely the natural environment and the perfect way to enjoy it in its white sand beaches ideal for sunbathing burst into drinking a cocoloco (drink made by the natives, made with vodka and fruit water) , but there are other activities for those who like to move as hiking, fishing and diving lessons. Also in most hotels have pools and slides.

Do not miss the trip to Johnny Cay Island and the Aquarium, where you can closely observe the variety of fish and marine life of this natural reserve. You can choose to dive into the entrance of the aquarium.
Transit through the city also has its charm. A local alternative is to take a goat which is a colorful bus with no windows.

The tour includes a stop at the resorts, which operate mostly with an all-inclusive, the Museum Islander, which displays pieces of the nineteenth century.

Remember that St. Andrew is duty-free port, so shopping is also a good choice.

Do not miss the trip to the Blow Hole, a seaside geyser allowing ingress of water by an underground tunnel and casts strong wind through the hole in the surface.

San Andres is the island's tourist area. It comes in a two-hour commercial flight from the capital, Bogota.

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Earl's Restaurant - One of the Best

Last night members of VGSN were given a fam tour of Earl's Restaurant. It was truly an amazing educational meeting. We were taken through the food line and then in the prep area. Watching the food team hustle dinners out for hungry customers was an amazing experience. No more whining about how hard dinner was to prepare. Try doing that for 40 people or more at a time. The logistics of all this blew our minds. Just to keep the ingredients there and ready to go would give any novice chef a headache. It is not longer acceptable to put food on the table that doesn't look great. Every single dish we saw go by looked amazing. The checks and balances that are in place to ensure top notch service was also amazing. There is an expectation of connecting with customers, providing excellent and speedy service, and top notch fresh food. You would be totally amazed if you could experience what it takes to make that happen. We were. Every time we go into a restaurant now, we will have total respect for the people who prepare and serve our food. We had the full tour last night and it truly was an education to behold. Chef Scott prepared a couple of dishes in the prep are so he could show us up close and personal what it takes to put some great food on the table and that is exactly what he and his team did. Everything we ate was great. Thanks for a great feast Scott, Christina, Courtney and all the staff that helped. For more pictures, please go to Facebook.

Making More Money With Travel & Tourism Sites by Avoiding Two Common Pitfalls

I've been heavily entrenched in the travel & tourism industry for years-formal education, 1000s of books, reports, market research, etc. When I look at people trying to make money online with travel Web sites, I see a few fundamental flaws. Today, I'll point a couple out so that you can avoid these common pitfalls.

Lacking Market Research

Many travel web site owners simply look for some keywords, write some articles (or outsource them) and call it a day. They then wonder why clicks are low, orders are nonexistent and profit is hard to come by.

It is imperative that you know at least the basics of the market you're engaging in. For instance, simply knowing that "people like to visit Italy" isn't enough. There's all that who, what, when, why and how stuff too.

Unfortunately, finding travel patterns, demographics and solid market research without conducting it yourself can be either very difficult or very, very time consuming. Thankfully, there are sources that take the work and cost out of it all for you.

Going Far Too Broad

The next issue that plagues many travel site owners is the one of scope. By having a wiper scope your actually lowering your profit potential.

Let's keep with Italy for a moment. Imagine you put up a Web site about traveling to Italy. What type of content do you fill it with and who is your audience? The answer is "who knows," because people could be coming for all sorts of reasons, such as:

- Honeymoons
- Family vacation
- Thrill seeking
- Historical travel
- Religious travel
- Foodie travel
- and on and on and on

It's possible that 95% of the traffic coming to your travel & tourism site is just being wasted. And the more you try to appeal to everyone, the worse it gets. We could narrow it down to just Rome and still have major site issues due to all the possible travel personalities and desires.

Before rushing out to stake your claim to the billions of dollars in the travel & tourism industry, take some time to get to know the specific market you want to target. If you can't afford to spend hundreds of hours or thousands of dollars in research, look for the sources that do it for you. For instance, honeymoon tourism has billions at stake, but if you just rush out there with a honeymoon travel site without knowing something about the honeymoon market, you'll be missing out.

The Malahat Drive offers some of the best sight-seeing opportunities Vancouver Island has to offer. We drove up to the Malahat Mountain Inn becuase there had been a change in ownership and we wanted to see what had changed. One thing that has not is the amazing views from the sun deck at the Hat Restuarant. Between the Malahat Drive and Saanich Peninsula lies an amazing fjord that is approximately 700 feet deep. I have seen below the surface and the average tourist would never expect to see cloud sponges the size of volkswagons dotted along the steep drop offs, or the eerie feeling looking from the drop offs into the deep dark black abyss below. Then there is the beauty on the surface - such amazing scenery. The food at the restaurant is good enough for return visits and the menu is quite diverse - something for everyone. The also have a deli if you just want something for a picnic down the road or a meal on the go. As you can see below, the scenery is unbelievale.  For more pictures go to our Facebook Page.
For years we have driven by their sign at the turnoff to Shawnigan Lake, wondering how far off the road this attraction was and wether or not it would be worth our time. Well, today we answered both questions. Once we turned off the Malahat, we were here in about one minute and it was worth every minute of our time and more. Ann and Grahame put on an amazing show. Both are congenial hosts and provided tons of information and a great glass blowing demonstration. Their products are amazing as you will see in the pictures below. Next time you take the Malahat, check out this amazing attraction.  For more pictures, see our Facebook page.


Mount Tolmie Viewpoint in Saanich

Mount Tolmie is located in the Municipality of Saanich very close to the University of Victoria.   Mt. Tolmie offers spectacular views of the City of Victoria, Oak Bay, and Saanich as well as views over Haro and Juan de Fuca Straits.  It is a favourite stop for tour buses.  It is very accessible.  Check out the entry road from Cedar Hill X-Road near Gordon Head Road.  Enjoy.
For more pictures of views from Mount Tolmie please go to our Facebook page.

The Best Reviews of Travel Websites For Beginners

When we research, plan or book trip, we rely on the Internet as our main source of planning information. However, there is a vast amount of travel websites out there. The planning process can be daunting. There are so many questions that we have yet to answer: Is the site well-known? is it useful? has the site received good reviews?

To answer those questions, the first thing to do is you should always check the reviews of those websites.


Because checking reviews of travel websites saves you time. Online information is often more current and timely than printed magazines or brochures. You will get a grasp on the credibility of the website from a wide different experiences. Rather than reading certain magazine who has vested interests in promoting the site itself, you would be getting honest reviews from people instantly. This cannot be accomplished if you conduct research offline i.e. asking from people to people, reading books in the library, jumping from one agent to another, etc.

Another reason is travel sites reviews save you money. No longer do you have to research your destination alone, plan your routes manually, check the weather, learn local slangs, find out restaurants, hotels, savings yourself. Trip sites reviews provide you real human experiences to make your planning cost efficient.

The last reason is these sites reviews are free and accessible around the clock. You can find it anywhere and anytime. You are no longer constrained with booking agent 9-5 schedule or 'within certain period' to check the transportation, deals, discounts, etc.

There is one drawback though: although the reasons above are true, you can easily be overloaded with information if you don't know how to do it.

Know Where To Look

When it comes to booking information, the reviews of travel sites offer a bunch of tips such as following:

-- Online trip guides

-- Reservation sites

-- Transportation sites: train, car, ferry, etc

-- Cruise sites

-- Lodging needs: bed and meal

-- Specialty sites: adventure, sports , gay/lesbian travel

-- Destination information

-- Booking tips and tricks

-- Resource guides: map, diving tips, zoo information, etc.

And the list is not exhaustive. Where to look for this information can make a big difference in how you use your time, how much money you save and how effective your trip planning is.

How To Look

Didn't I tell you that travel sites reviews are oceans of information? In these oceans, there are rocks, sharks and tanks that can drown you anytime. How you look for these information will help you to make the most out of your journey planning. For example, offers 'Name Your Price' bidding process whereby you can put your bid and wait for the system to match it. You can only do this if (i) you have more schedule flexibility at hand; and (ii) you are willing to wait.

Imagine what would have happened if you don't read the reviews of this booking site, when you are about to conduct your planning. You can potentially waste your time waiting or worse yet, go with other site who offers a much expensive deal.

Sometimes, What To Look For

You are not sure. This is your first time going to an unfamiliar destination. The only information you can rely on are reviews from other people, reviews of travel sites to make your booking.

In conclusion, the travel sites reviews are crucial, if not the most important, part of your planning. Make the best use of it, then your trip experience will be not only time and cost saving but also memorable.

To learn more, sign up for a FREE Travel eSpy Newsletter at for the best reviews of travel sites.

The Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations In The World - Europe Travel Advice

The Most Romantic  Island Destinations For Your Honeymoon  In The World - Europe Beach Honeymoon Destinations - Travel Advice

When it comes to leaving on a trip of newly-weds, choose the destination is a careful task. Let's make this a little easier for you. The ten most romantic and idyllic destinations for your honeymoon. Not able to resist
Tahiti - Paradise on the beach for their honeymoon. Exotic destinations where the most romantic settings.
Planning a honeymoon trip need not be a difficult point in the whole organization of the wedding, especially when there are so many destinations and places you can choose the destination. If we seek to have a dream holiday we have between our considered alternatives to the best destinations for our honeymoon.

Tahiti Islands In French Polynesia - Tahiti is one of the exotic destinations of honeymoon favored by most romantic and lovers of nature. In the group of islands in French Polynesia as Bora Bora, Rangiroa, Fakarava Nuku Hiva or, most hotels are located on the water and have spectacular views of private beaches. Several of his exclusive lodgings have been selected as the best in the world of its kind. Each has its merits, but the most luxurious are characterized by an architecture that respects the natural environment.

The French influence in the area can be seen by its rustic yet exclusive buildings designed to maintain the privacy of the couples. Without sacrificing the comforts of the modern world as the use of technology. The rooms have plasma TVs and Wi Fi. The atmosphere is quiet and among the main activities are diving and snorkeling in coral reefs and surfing. The islands have more than 100 small islands with white sand beaches accessible only by boat and where you can spend a day in their luxury tours designed for couples that includes gourmet cuisine in the shade of a coconut tree. In the capital, Papeete, where the international airport where flights arrive and air, is the ideal place for shopping and visit their markets for shopping, where you can buy the listed beads and jewellery.

Luxury destination Thailand - This precious honeymoon destination not only combines pristine beaches, vibrant culture is also an interesting and delicious cuisine. One of the most popular beaches and the largest in Thailand is Phuket, where the most beautiful hotels and a wild nature. Another missed stop is the famous Koh Pha Ngan, known for being the scene of the movie "The Beach" in which he starred Leonardo di Caprio. Each island is a paradise to discover.

This destination host is characterized by leading hotels like the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui, which has swimming pools in the rooms overlooking the island Pha Ngan and the Gulf of Siam, the Amanpuri, which has services for private cruises around the islands; or Sajorin, one of the most exclusive and romantic boutique hotels in the world. In the nature reserve Angthong National Marine Park brings together more than 40 islands, reefs and forests. A must for those who enjoy nature walks. On any trip to Thailand a few days you have to spend his capital Bangkok and see the Buddhas, the Residence Palace and its floating markets and restaurants. Definitely, the ancient culture of this part of Asia makes this trip a unique experience.

Jamaica Caribbean and jungle - Jamaica is the only Caribbean island jungle and therefore offers unique attractions such as its large mountains vegetation that end in the sea and wild Caribbean beaches that are the desire of couples. Ocho Rios is an exclusive hotel like Sandals or RIU offering excellent facilities. There are several themed packages such as Dunn's Riverm Dolphin Cove and Mystic Mountain. Reserve a day to visit Negril. For the more daring, ask for alternatives for adults and Hedonism

Bahamas beaches sonadas - Bahamas is synonymous with virgin islands and private beaches. This part of the Caribbean has other attractions like the picturesque streets of Nassau to get lost with your partner away from it all. Bahamas is characterized by luxury hotels, but not many people have an all-inclusive. Stresses in this category SandalsRoyal Bahamian. Here is also the famous Atlantis, one of the world's finest hotels. It has its own water park with slides of up to 38 meters high. There are also alternatives for adults only accommodations and special packages for honeymooners. Also, remember that The Bahamas is a free port so it is not only paradise beach and sea, also tax free shopping.

Maui Hawaii Legends - The legendary island of Maui is a classic destination honeymoon for young couples. Its volcanic islands are surrounded by beautiful beaches famous for surfers in the world. Its rugged terrain can also hike through the woods to the top of volcanoes. Maui hotels are surrounded by green landscapes and have private beaches. On this island are located also the luxury shops at the shopping sprees is a highly recommended activity. Travelers agree that one of the attractions of the place, apart from their natural environment and its comfortable hotels, is also the friendliness of the locals.

Feel the call of nature - Overview of the Serengeti National Park - Rare is the child who has never dreamed of a safari in Africa, perhaps encouraged by films like The Lion King. And how are the children's dreams are more illusion, more people on this trip, either as a honeymoon or how family trip. Can be made safaris Kenya, South Africa and Namibia, but certainly Tanzania is the country where the traveler gets to feel part of nature.

A throughout the whole country there are pockets worthy of appearing in the Lion King, not surprisingly, the landscapes of the film are made ​​in the image and likeness of the Serengeti National Park largest in Africa. But others, such as Amboseli and Lake Manyara, where you can see large groups of pink flamingos. Then there is the Ngorongoro Crater with its characteristic lunar landscape and has its own ecosystem with its altitude lakes and forests of flooded forest area of the crater center, offering a chance to see animals like hyenas.

Cook Islands - The Spanish explorer Alvaro de Mendana Neyra was who first sighted the islands in 1595, but was the legendary British explorer James Cook who claimed for the British crown in 1776, giving rise to its current name. Today, the archipelago located between Tahiti and Tonga offers volcanic islands, turquoise lakes, atolls, deserted beaches, underground caves and landscapes that depict a world in an almost virginal, very difficult to find today.

Note: you must change the New Zealand dollar foreign exchange, the official currency of the islands. You may want to revise your knowledge of English, provided they do not know how to speak Maori, the two languages ​​that handle the locals.

Fiji Islands - Do you remember Jim Carrey in the movie 'The Truman Show', obsessive pursuing the dream ever come to the islands Fiji? Fiji Islands, in a sense, are the representation of the hidden paradise. 100 of the 400 islands that make up this archipelago are uninhabited, and some of them have not yet been trodden by man. The white sands, in contrast to the crystal clear waters and volcanic formations, make up a landscape of a postcard, ideal for romantics.

Note : If your case does not need a visa, you must still file a return ticket to be let to enter Fiji.

Senegal - It is the most popular destination among African countries, though not excessively applied as a site for the honeymoon. However, Senegal combines natural beauty with architectural gems that provides the capital, Dakar. Its clear waters are ideal for scuba diving, while parks and nature reserves will approach the wildest Africa. It is a cheap destination as a hotel and food will not spend more than about 40 euros a day per person.

Note : The best time to visit Senegal is between November and February.

Zanzibar - Caught between East and Africa, the island of Zanzibar retains traces most important of the Swahili culture. His interest as a honeymoon destination, however, is not that. The romance of Zanzibar lies in its landscape, which evokes a lost island in the confines of the world. The mixture of Eastern exoticism with overwhelming African vegetation does the rest, allowing you to enjoy spice scented forests and unique wildlife of the area.

To remember: avoid travelling in July and August, if possible. The historic, world heritage of mankind, is full of tourists.

Mauritius - The Pearl of the Indian Ocean is Mauritius, an island-scented air Arabia and Europe. The beaches and islands are lost part of its charm, but Mauricio combine these natural attractions with the presence of Hindu temples, markets, colonial houses and a fairy tale fauna (abundant deer and exotic birds). Much it rains between December and April, a useful data when making travel arrangements.

Note : If you do not want to get the 'traveler's diarrhea, "a common malady named for visitors should be careful when buying food from street vendors.

Costa Rica - The ideal place to break away from the stereotype of Central America as violent and dangerous place is Costa Rica, a friendly country which is characterized by its high human development index. It also has reason to be chosen as a destination for honeymoon. Costa Rica has an enviable natural diversity: in your territory you can find volcanoes, rainforests, waterfalls, pristine beaches and overflowing wildlife. In addition, its people are very quiet and are accustomed to tourism, so it will not need a guide to cross its most interesting.

Note : if your flight stops in the United States, you may need a special visa. Ases├│rate in the U.S. Embassy.
Martinique - Martinique is a place to start your own pace, completely away from the hustle and modern pressures. Of French rule and located in the Caribbean Sea, near South America, Martinique belongs to the Lesser Antilles.

The scent of flowers is one of the main attractions of the island, known for the abundance of lilies and orchids, in contrast to a landscape full of volcanic cliffs. It is also an ideal place for couples wanting to have fun and enjoy the singing and dancing, there is no shortage at any time of year.

Note : do not neglect your belongings. Pickpockets are very good at Martinique, particularly on the beaches, so try not to carry valuables.

Belize - Belize is not just a tax haven, as you'll see anyone visiting this small Central American country. His past as part of the mighty Mayan empire has been conducive to the combination of some archaeological gems with its natural beauty, especially the coral reef that has nothing to envy to the Caribbean or Australia. Tourists are few and the country is largely unexplored, making Belize in a desirable destination.

Note: It is going in the summer. Winter in Belize, although warm, very humid and rainy.

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Sandy Terry Art Show at Sooke Harbour House

A rising star in the art world has a show on in Sooke Harbour House. The Sensate Florals Solo Show runs from June 3rd - June 26. Visit the show and then enjoy Sooke Harbour House and their restaurant following the show. Sooke Harbour House is filled with art, so it is a great location for Sandy's show.te Florals Solo Show Opening: Sunday, June 3rd from 1- 3PM Show runs June 1st - June 26th
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