Earl's Restaurant - One of the Best

Last night members of VGSN were given a fam tour of Earl's Restaurant. It was truly an amazing educational meeting. We were taken through the food line and then in the prep area. Watching the food team hustle dinners out for hungry waiti...ng customers was an amazing experience. No more whining about how hard dinner was to prepare. Try doing that for 40 people or more at a time. The logistics of all this blew our minds. Just to keep the ingredients there and ready to go would give any novice chef a headache. It is not longer acceptable to put food on the table that doesn't look great. Every single dish we saw go by looked amazing. The checks and balances that are in place to ensure top notch service was also amazing. There is an expectation of connecting with customers, providing excellent and speedy service, and top notch fresh food. You would be totally amazed if you could experience what it takes to make that happen. We were. Every time we go into a restaurant now, we will have total respect for the people who prepare and serve our food. We had the full tour last night and it truly was an education to behold. Chef Scott prepared a couple of dishes in the prep are so he could show us up close and personal what it takes to put some great food on the table and that is exactly what he and his team did. Everything we ate was great. Thanks for a great feast Scott, Christina, Courtney and all the staff that helped. For more pictures, please go to Facebook.


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