Camera Care Tips On The Beach

Travel Advice - Tips for caring for your camera on the beach 

The beach is the place chosen by many at the time of the summer. And if it is vacation, photographs can not be absent to immortalize different times. But of course have to be careful with cameras do not suffer any damage.

This is because on the beach combine different elements that can make the device against any damage, from mild to the most serious. Thus the sand, sea, humidity, sun, heat and salt are some of these adverse factors cameras.

First, avoid contact with the sand, not to support the camera on it and, in case a grain falling on the camera and the lens more precisely, to avoid removing a piece of cloth. For this reason, some specialists carry a nasal aspirator to those used with children, so you can remove the sand that has stayed hidden in spaces and small. Of course, if the amount of sand is important and there is no way to get it out, it is best to use the service and avoid greater evils.

Meanwhile, and also to avoid damage caused by sand, a tip is not to change lenses on the beach once, as well as keep the lid on your target while not using it.

The wind is an invisible enemy transports as sand and water droplets. Therefore, a good idea is to place the camera in a casing that while to take pictures, take away some resolution, the protected.

But if you do not have a housing, the sealing plastic bags are a good idea to place the devices while not in use, even when in its case because these have often not completely reliable closure.

Before taking the camera to make sure your hands and face clean, no sand, or wet, or with traces of salt. To do this, wash with fresh water and thoroughly dried.

In the event that any drop of water falling on the device, use a tissue to remove with small taps, not drag. Of course, if the amount of water is more important, service is the best solution.

Furthermore, if the camera does get wet, immediately turn it around. You'd better let it dry before you try if it works. It is to rush to it can cause more serious damage.

The heat and the sun are two factors that may affect the camera. Therefore, it is best to isolate and cover. With a towel, placing it in the shade, in a case or backpack. This is not a minor detail that care must be taken to prevent, among other things, battery and impair memory.

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