Phi Phi Island - Travel Advice

Phi Phi Island - Travel Advice

About Phi-phi Islands (PPI) -PPI consists of two major islands, Phi Phi Don (PPD) and Phi Phi Ley (PPL). PPD is the only island which contained accommodation and about 5000 residents are living in this small island. PPL is a smaller island to the south of the PPD. This island is uninhabited because there is no flat surface but only solid rocks. These islands were also affected by the Tsunami in 2003. In the PPL have Maya bay where the movie "The Beach" was taken.

When to visit Phi-phi Islands (PPI)? - October to April is high season to visit this island because coast will be very beautiful during that period, so many visitors will visit. Another reason is during April to October, the weather will be very good and we can enjoy a  beautiful scenery.

How to reach Phi-phi Islands (PPI)? - Phuket-PPI can be reached using the ferry. Ferry Sea Angel is recommended at the rate of 900 baht round trip. Tickets can be purchased at the hotel or tour counters along the beach road in Patong. All places sell tickets at the same price, so do not be afraid if you feel the "pounding" but it never hurts to ask first and compare it to other places.

You can purchase tickets one way 400 baht but are usually not included with bus transfers from Patong to the port which can be up to 150-200 baht.

Ferry Sea Angel is pretty good and made up four decks favorite decks are the top deck where passengers can feel the sea breeze while sunbathing with privacy.

Accommodation in Phi-phi Islands (PPI) - It is not difficult to get accommodation in the PPD. For some of the guest house near the beach: Ton say bay and Loh in the bay, with room rates ranging from 500-600 baht a fan (indeed a bit more expensive compared to Phuket). For lodging that is located slightly to the village about 500 m from the beach can range from 300-400 baht.

For those of you who have a money can stay in a Phi Phi Hotel is 10 m from the beach with the tariff from 1200 to 1500 baht for rooms are air conditioned.

All dependence with your choice of lodging, but you can choose cheaper one because we most of our time is spent outside the hotel.

Transportation in Phi-phi Islands (PPI) - There are no cars on this island, so practically all the trips taken on foot or by boat. There are one or two motors that can take you along with the items from the hotel to the harbor.

What is Long Tail Boat (ITB)? - One of the vehicles can be hired are a long tail boat. Wooden boats run by diesel engine. You can hire the ITB at 80 baht per person one way. Although Long Beach can be reached by walking for 45 minutes from Ton say bay.

For the ITB rents to go to other places such as Maya Bay, Loh at Bay, Viking Cape in PPL is 800-900 baht per boat for 3 hours. Maximum passengers are allowed per boat is 7 people. So it would be cheaper if we invite some friends so the cost of the boat can be shared.

Although each of the ITB provides Life Jacket (life jacket) but the danger may threaten you, especially when the wind blew hard and the waves can reach 1 meter.

Small Boat Speed - For a safer travelling can use the speed boat, of course, with rental rates are more expensive, for the same purpose ranges 1500-2000 baht per hour with maximum passengers 10 people. However for safety purpose it is better to choose a speed boat.

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