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It is a small town - dynasty of Chandela kings in the tenth century and is famous worldwide for its temples Hindus and Jains. They are considered one of the best examples of erotic art in the world and were declared a World Heritage Site in 1986.

There is a Tourist Office on Main Road and other information in an enclosure located north of the western temples where you can also hire guides.

They are situated in a walled enclosure surrounded by large vegetation and stay away from large population centers could survive the destruction of the Mongol Empire. They were built between the tenth and twelfth sandstone and granite on elevated platforms and are guided by the cardinal points thus be divided into western and eastern areas. More than 80 temples are decorated with floral motifs, animals and scenes of the gods but without doubt the most striking are its erotic sculptures depicting scenes from the Kama Sutra. After centuries of neglect were discovered by the English army and declared a World Heritage Site in 1986.

In the west the main temples are located 

Varaha is dedicated to the god Vishnu as a boar represented by an enormous statue finely carved sandstone.
Lakshmi, is a small shrine which is closed to the public.

Lakshmana- is one of the oldest buildings and the best preserved. It is dedicated to Vishnu and friezes are carved with images of battles and orgies with animals.

Kandariya Mahadev Temple - is the largest of the group and has almost 900 erotic statues dedicated to Shiva.

Mahadeva- is a small temple dedicated to Shiva that is now in ruins. It houses one of the best sculptures of the whole: Sardul, half-lion half mythical beast any other creature.

Jagadamba Devi temple - dedicated to various gods with various sizes of women inside.

Chitragupta- the only temple dedicated to the sun god Surya. Inside there are important sculptures of elephants and hunting scenes.

Vishvanath and Nandi - accessed by a road guarded by statues of elephants and lions.

Matangesvara is outside the enclosure and is the only one still in use for the faithful. Inside is a statue of Linga, Shiva's phallic image.

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