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City founded in the fourth century by Prince Suraj Sen in honor of a healer who healed him of leprosy. It is fairly quiet and occupies a strategic place in the side of a hill. The landmark is the medieval fortress that Emperor Babur described as the pearl from the strengths of India.

It is an impregnable fortress located high on a hill 100 m above the city that has a completely walled enclosure. The walls surrounding it are 10 m high and 3 km long and are dotted with circular towers with cupolas of turquoise tiles. It has two entrances: the north gate, which is reached by a steep slope, and the south gate of Urvai, much more accessible. It houses several buildings and sites.

Man Mandir Palace - is Indian style and was built by Man Singh. It consists of two open courtyards surrounded by rooms on two floors that remain of the ancient mosaic tiles with elephants, tigers and crocodiles. There are two underground floors without lighting it is advisable to carry a torch.

Sasbahu Temples - known as the temples of the mother and daughter. The first was built to honor a dancer and then his daughter Vishnu did another side a little smaller dedicated to Shiva. Inside there are several sculptures of dancers and the roof is supported by massive columns.

Jai Vilas Palace and Scindia Museum, is Italian style and was built by the Maharajah Jayajirao using prisoners to do so. Inside, the carpet is largest in Asia that was made by the accused for 12 years. Its rooms are decorated with stuffed tigers objects and eccentric as a railroad in the dining room that used to serve brandy and cigars after dinner.

Teli Ka Mandir - is the oldest temple complex and is dedicated to the god Vishnu. The British used it as soda and coffee factory.

Rock Carvings represent the nude figures of the 24 masters or Tirthankars Jains. The most impressive are on the road that climbs from Urvai door were defaced by Babur's army and restored later.

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