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Health - It is also helpful to keep a first aid kit with medications. There are pharmacies in all cities, but the trade names of drugs are not very convenient. Hire a travel insurance that travel agencies offer. The prices are very affordable and can avoid problems.

In some major airports in India there are companies that have issued the caution notices. Avoid water pitchers and faucets, and consume only if we are completely sure that is boiled or filtered. Mineral water is very reliable but in every city there are rogues who sell bottles filled. The simplest measure is to not accept packages that do not come sealed and require them to be opened in our presence. Also be careful about eating ice, it is generally prepared with boiled water. The juices are a safe and healthy, if free of water. The lassi and yoghurt drinks and a wide assortment of brands of beer also quench the thirst.

Safety -  Overall we can say that India is a very safe country to travel though, of course, has to be careful with the luggage and valuables. We must exercise extreme care in large cities such as train stations. The most favorable for the forgetfulness are entering the car and while we put our belongings. They often act in pairs and while one of them asks a question the other sneaks in some bulbous. If you happened to go to cheap hotels, we take a padlock for the door of the room because many of them there is no key. In some beach thefts have occurred while the tourist is enjoying the bath. So it is best not to bring valuables to the beach.

Accommodation -  In this vast territory, the issue of accommodation is spacious and there are possibilities for all tastes and economies. The expression "sleep like a Maharaja" is not just a saying but a great view DAD. Some of the old palaces have been built as hotels and offer their rooms at affordable prices. Of course, there are several categories of high-end and far outweigh the noche.Para hundred dollars a tight budget there are countless options. The clean and quiet accommodation is usually proportional to the price. In the south there are more opportunities to find modest facilities and hygienic conditions acceptable cost.

Beaches - Although in many tourist guides brochures says there are several beach sites in southern India, it is best not to create too many expectations as many of them are dirty and uncomfortable for Westerners.

India has 5,000 miles of coastline. Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, on the east coast. Karnataka and Kerala have their coast in the Arabian Sea. But it is in the state of Tamil Nadu where you can enjoy while the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, specifically in Kanyakumari, the southernmost point of the most famous subcontinente.

Una sand is to Kovalam - Located a few miles from Thiravanthapuram is this paradise of white sand and palm trees. The ocean has waves that allow sutfy practice the water temperature is very nice. But cleanliness is practically nil in places of common use. Very different is the situation in the private beach reserved for customers of the big chain hotels. Everything depends on whether the traveller feel like a somewhat artificial environment. Cheap hotels in Kovalam and a variety of restaurants offering fresh seafood.

Mahabalipuram - is a small town known for the temples of stone carved by the sea. Got a couple of streets that will find all kinds of crafts, stone carvings, pendants with marine elements, and varied and beautiful seashells. The beach is nice, there are budget accommodations and restaurants that offer fish menu.

Covelong is a fishing village a few kilometers from Chennai which has a nice beach and offers accommodation and restaurantes.

Estaciones Mountain- The Hills Station were built by the British during colonial times to escape the monsoon heat cos.

The highlights of South India are -

Nandi Hills- 68 kilometers from Bangalore in Karnataka state. It is a popular summer resort.
Udhagamandalam in English and lovingly Ootacamund Ooty, is located in the Nilgiris hills (Karnataka) to 2268 meters altitude. It comes from the city of Mysore. Surrounded by forests of eucalyptus, is a small, decadent city full of architectural remains British. It is recommended to bring warm clothing.

Kotagiri - is situated 28 km from Ooty, a hill station is much easier than before. From here you can admire beautiful views of the Nilgiris.

Yercaud- located 33 miles from Salem (Tamil Nadu), is a nice quiet mountain town where you can go hiking.
Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu), also known as Kodai. The great attraction is its location more than 2,000 meters and spectacular views over the river Vagai. It is one of the best places in South India for hiking.

From Mettupalayam to Ooty, this steam train rides offers slow-paced, unique panoramas. In Chennai Nilgiri Express is taken and is changed in Mettupalayam stay near the station if you think taking the 7 o'clock train.

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