Tirumala - How To Reach Tirumala From Tirupati? Travel Advice

Lord Shree Tirumala Venkateshwara Temple

From Tirupati, Tirumala is located 22 miles away in a beautiful hill at 1000 meters altitude, but one must first reach Alipiri, where is the entry to this beautiful hill.

Access to the hill of Tirumala, Lord Shree Venkateshwara hill

The simple and fastest way is, go by in a vehicle. Currently there are two roads, one upstream and one downstream for safe driving. This path passes through a dense Forrest area with bougainvillea flowers with many viewpoints and this area is banned to drink, smoking and spitting.

The second option is to go on foot and the walking Most of the faithful, which is probably the best path in India, but to reach tirumala by walking, you have to walk for 9 miles and about 3550 steps with continuous ups and downs, but yes, the organization of the TTD which has some 12000 people to manage this business, has enabled places to rest, sanitation, places to eat and drink, shade, and before embarking on the journey uphill tourists need to deposit their luggage at Alpiri Walk. Suitcases are then sent to the CRO Mantapam near Tirumala. You can also get the service free-of-charge.

You will find a special bus service in Alpiri to Tirumala. However you can also hire a private taxi for a smooth and comfortable journey.

If you have decided to visit Tirumala backup train / air tickets your hotel and other facilities necessary both in advance. You can buy a complete package of Tirupati by inclusion of all these facilities as well.

In Tirupati weather conditions that vary depending on the season. Experience high summer humidity and heat while still fun winter here. So it is important to consider the weather conditions while planning your travel.
It's advisable to take Sudarshan token for darshan free or paid as soon as possible after you reach the city.
You are expected to take a bath and put on clean cloths before entering the temple.

While being in the queue is not necessary that all members of your family will be waiting in the queue. One can stand in a queue while others can relax in the accommodations offered by TTD.

It would be better to plan your trip during the week days. During the weekend days and holidays you may find the heavy rush in the temple.

Carrying electronics items like camera and mobile phones inside the temple are prohibited. So keep those things in your hotel room or deposit in any one TTD counters.

After lord shree venkateshwara darshan in tirumala there are many other famous temples to visit on this beautiful hill and all are nearby that has great spiritual significance.

Taking all the above points into account you can enjoy your trip to Tirupati. A visit to this holy land will surely please the mind and soul.

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