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London Parks and Gardens Tour Travel Advice

London Gardens and Parks - London has got many magnificent Gardens and Parks. The city has managed to combine his character with great urban fantasy maintaining green areas for recreation.

For the tourist, the London parks are an ideal setting to unwind from the bustle of shops and transport and recharge while watching the time pass ... and squirrels.

There are plenty of gardens and parts but these are the few most visited parks

Hyde Park - Old game reserve, was given by King James I to the city of London back in the seventeenth century and is considered the oldest park in the city.

Hyde Park is a park full of life where people walk, sunbathe, sail boat or practiced a thousand sports, from horse riding, rugby, soccer and even skiing on roller skates. It has a huge central lagoon inhabited by various aquatic birds in which you can rent boats.

St. James Park – This park is famous for three things flowers, squirrels and pájaros. Para is the most beautiful park in London and in fact is among the most visited in Europe with nearly 6 million visitors annually. Located in the center, next to St James Palace, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey and was designed with a French air.

Regent's Park - Converted former hunting reserve in the park in the early nineteenth century, its strength is in roses, which has up to 400 varieties. It is a fine park and in summer a hive of activity.

Other outstanding features are its huge area dedicated to sports facilities and schools, the children's play areas, the villages of the time of Dickens, outdoor theater, several cafes and London Zoo, located in the north.

It has a large pond filled with swans in which you can rent a boat.

Kensington Gardens - Surely the children's favorite park in London, not only for its extensive green areas and ponds full of ducks, but also by hosting a huge playground built in memory of Princess Diana of Wales. The park also has a bronze statue of Peter Pan himself

It is a refined and perfectly manicured park designed for the relaxed pace, sports and leisure in the sun.

Richmond Park - Located in zone 4 is characterized by its variety of fauna deer, squirrels, foxes and a variety of birds. The dimensions of this park make it a unique place to unwind from the hectic business life of London.

Hampstead Heath - This is another park, located on top of a hill, offering spectacular views of the city. Visiting Hampstead in depth, you realize the consequences of plantificación an English garden. In other words, the risk of loss is high (though thanks to some maps that are located in some points, these small problems are avoided).

Stop at the Kenwood House to see his collection of paintings or take a refreshing tea after a long walk.

Holland Park - This park is small in size when compared with other parks, of course. You can visit a whole morning or afternoon. It is characterized by beds of exotic flowers and hidden nooks among its labyrinthine structure and vegetation, making it ideal for an afternoon of reading.

Batter Sea Park - Batter sea is on the south side of the Thames and is a delightful park with decorative influences from the Far East.

Bishop's Park - It lies on the opposite side of Battersea Park, on the north bank of the River Thames. Your beautiful trees along the river make it unique for a leisurely stroll with views.

Outside London - London has so much to see that never have enough days. However, less than two hours round the capital cities and attractions is very interesting, very historic and scenic value that very worthwhile.

Other Places to Visit in London -

Portobello Road Tour - Although this street is famous for its flea market is on weekends, other days it is also a beautiful street, full of colorful and traditional shops. I recommend walkable street, walking through the souvenir shops, tea and antiques. We find in it the "Electric", a film that boasts of being the oldest in London, the store "Alice", a lovely shop selling souvenirs, porcelain, etc.. It is also famous library of the movie "Notting Hill", in which Julia Roberts falls for Hugh Grant, but it is locked. However, the side have been very similar. Tube: Ladbroke Grove (Hammersmith & City Line or Circle Line).

Trafalgar Square - This is a huge square. In the center is a column commemorating Lord Nelson's victory against Napoleon at the Battle of Trafalgar (hence the name of the square). It is the National Gallery.

National Gallery - is one of the world's most famous art galleries. It contains a variety of pictures and artists from different eras. The entrance to the ongoing visit is free. Tube: Charing Cross. Hours: 10am - 6pm.

Globe - Although this is the third Globe, as the contemporary of Shakespeare is the first, but it burned down, because it was built of wood. The second Globe was closed by the Puritans. The third is the current Globe and is a replica of Shakespeare. The original Globe was built a little closer to the Tower of London today, on the outskirts of the city (the suburbs).

Harrods - prestigious and glamorous in this store we can find a teddy bear to a diamond or a car. Also on the ground floor is a memorial of Lady Di and Doddy Al Fayed (since the latter's father is the owner of Harrods). If you are looking for one of the famous Harrods bags, get ready money, as the smallest no less than 15 pounds.

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