Switzerland Travel - Places To Visit In Switzerland - Travel Advice

Switzerland Tour - Places To Visit In Switzerland - Travel Advice

Switzerland is known as the land of the Alps. It borders France, Germany, Italy and Austria. Switzerland offers the most breathtaking panoramic views of the Alps. Though small, it is also one of the richest countries in the world, no wonder many vacationers at home in Switzerland.

There are many tourist attractions in Switzerland, but I have compiled here few best tourist attractions in Switzerland. Hope you like. Switzerland is rich in history as a country that is neutral, regardless of time of war or peace. So, the Swiss used to host various international organizations like the UN, although the headquarters is in New York, but many offices in Switzerland.

Latin name of Switzerland which means that, the Helvetic Confederation Confoederatio Helvetika, chosen to avoid selecting one of four official Swiss languages (German, French, Italian, Roman)

Switzerland August 1, 1291 marked the day of independence, the story of this country that at first was a joint state, then the alliance since 1848. August 1

The canton of Ticino, Switzerland - The canton of Ticino (Italian, Ticino, pronounced: in German, French and Romansh Tessin) is the southernmost canton of Switzerland on the southern slopes of the Alps. The canton forms with some regions of the canton of Grisons called Italian Switzerland.

It is the only Italian-speaking Swiss canton, but also are official French, German and Romansh former, as in the rest of the country.

Ticino populations are connected by an excellent rail and buses. However, the best option is to move away. There are rental agencies at airports and cities.

Matterhorn, Zermatt is a very popular place of all the peaks of the mountains and people must visit this place if you happened to be in Switzerland . Upon detecting the Matterhorn, which is the noblest of the Alps diValais, you'll be very happy with the breathtaking beauty. Breathtaking views of the town, attract free traffic from the mountain.

Places to Visit in Switzerland

Lake Maggiore - Shared with neighboring Italy, this lake is one of the highlights of the Ticino. In his Swiss banks settle the towns of Locarno and Ascona. The lush vegetation bordering oaks and olive trees. You can browse the lake from one end to another, stopping at coastal towns.

Bellinzona - The capital of the canton is located in the road that connects the two sides three castles alpinas.Tiene Heritage of Humanity. The fort is the oldest Castelgrande, dominates the town and preserves two towers. The old town is worth a visit detained by its Renaissance palaces and churches.

Locarno- The town of Lake Maggiore was an important enclave of the Alps in the Middle Ages was the capital of Ticino between 1803 and 1878. Its old town is home to monumental buildings. On the outskirts, stands the sanctuary Madonna of Sasso, accessible on foot, by funicular or by car and with exceptional views.

Ascona - fishing village of Lake Maggiore was in the nineteenth century, a health center frequented by intellectuals. It has a nice port and a center filled with craft shops.

Centovalli - The valley of the Hundred Valleys of Lake Vogorno starts. It settled charming villages with castles and churches that exhibit a rich display of art from different eras. A train passes through over 40 km, between Locarno and the Italian town of Domodossola.

Verzasca Valley - It is the smallest of that north of Locarno. One of its main characteristic is the medieval bridge Dei Salti, near the town of Levertezzo-with a double arch that crosses the river Verzasca.

Lugano - The Piazza della Riforma is the heart of the financial capital of Ticino. The square is open to the lake and bounded by buildings and palaces, including cantonal government headquarters and City Hall.

Lake Lugano - Also shared with Lombardy, Italy, where several villages sit side with an Italian. You can travel by boat from Lugano. Several cable cars climb to summits offering magnificent views.

Morcote Morcote and Vico - They are two of the most peaceful villages of Lake Lugano. Amongst its numerous hiking through the villages and forests of this region of Ticino.

Lausanne (Lausanne) - one of the most elegant cities in Switzerland, enjoys a beautiful location on the north shore of Lake Geneva. The Romans founded a first settlement lake in the fourth century, but over time, and after the barbarian invasions, the inhabitants decided to move to the nearby hills for safety. This area is currently the Vielle Ville, the old town. The city began to experience a major boom and developing its economy, crafts and culture.

Lausanne is the center of the cultural and economic life of the French-speaking Switzerland and the headquarters of the Federal Supreme Court and the International Olympic Committee. History, but also the topography have shaped this city located in the resort of Ouchy, at 375 m. altitude, and green hills and wooded. It is the capital of the canton of Vaud.

Lausanne is a city of steep slopes extending over three hills of heights scaled by the lake. The center is the Place St-Fran├žois. To the north lies the business district, concentrated around the Rue du Bourg. Further north is the Vielle Ville, the old town, dominated by the magnificent cathedral. The neighborhood of Bel-Air, west, leans toward the valley where the river once flowed Flon. The Grand-Pont, a bridge across the valley, offers beautiful views of Bel-Air and the old town, which stands behind him.

Olympic Museum - The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, houses exhibits relating to sport and the Olympic movement. You can find information about ancient and modern Olympic Games. Surrounded by a park where you can see many works of art, always related to sport.

Bern - Bern is the capital of Switzerland. It is also home to utilities such as Swiss Post (state post office) and the Swiss Federal Railways.

Zurich is the largest rail center in the country. Bern has direct links to major cities in Switzerland and European cities like Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and Milan.

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