Finland Holidays - Things To Do In Finland - Travel Advice

Finland Holidays - Places To Visit In Finland - Finland Travel Advice

Each region of Finland has its own characteristics, wildlife Lapland gives the romantic lakes of the east to the southwest of the islands and the lively attractions of the capital, Helsinki.

Finland a country worth visiting - Finland is a land where there is almost no land. Lakes dominate a country whose horizon on a tiny island begins and ends at the northern lights. The nature of green covers people and wildlife.

Finland is a place where people live with the peace and quiet as a reason for being even when they drink. And when they drink and dance

It is respectful to the rules, clean and polite. They do not communicate much with each other or with the barbarians who visit, except in bars.

Places To Visit In Finland

Albertinkatu - there is a place that is pretty close to what some consider Paradise. The site is called Fennica Records vinyl and has so many rock'n'roll, blues, country and any variable of American music that if the owner was unable to sleep and never close his business, would be at number one on the list to see the best sunrises.

Walk about fifty feet to the Mallaskatu and sit in one of the Mendocino Bar stools are a great music jukebox, a bartender who sometimes takes his guitar and versionea to Tom Russell, Dough Sam, Dylan and Blasters. Sometimes there are groups that played while people drink and do not pay much attention. It's a bar where workers spend their time drinking.

Tallinn is two hours by ferry. Go on a weekend has its pros and cons. Finnish boys take a boat to the capital on Friday and Estonia two-day living much higher rate than their hearts will allow.

It has a charming downtown with bars, restaurants and shops surrounded by a medieval wall. Many catalog tourist cruises stop there and the number of languages heard in summer are too many to just two ears. Italian and Spanish are the jackpot redneck tourists. how wonderful the boat that takes them and brings. They do not need or leave because the ship has everything.

On the west coast there is a small village of fishermen and artisans with sugar houses and streets as clean as the toilet of Mr. Burns. Rauma is called and you can spend a couple of hours living in a tale of Hansel and Gretel.

Turku is Finland's second city. It has a beautiful river that flows into the surrounding islands and floating in the Baltic Sea. Thousands of small islands can be explored by bike or car by combining small roads and large ferries. A short tour that closes a small circle can be Pargas-Nagu-Naantali. Either you can see beautiful yachts in ports flirty, good restaurants, people with a lot of money and buy good licorice. Especially in Naantali.

A little further east of Tampere is a city with a difficult name to pronounce: Jyväskylä. Here you can find good examples of the architecture of Alvar Aalto. A Gaudi or Frank Lloyd Wright in Finland. Unconditional functionality, able to adapt their projects to a weather always plays against unadulterated elegance. The museum at the entrance of the city is a short film of his life.

Savonlinna is a small city that stretches between two lakes. A high percentage of people wake up with an eye to the large body of water surrounded by woods. It has a beautiful castle in July was full of arias hungry public. The place has good acoustics and people enjoy opera soloists.

Hotel in Finland - The hotel is located in Finland Snowhotel is carved entirely of ice, were built 30 rooms with lighting so that gives a seductive atmosphere, the hotel to rest instead of beds is equipped with a cozy sleeping bag, the material chosen is fleece wool where we sleep and forget the subzero temperatures.
This paradise is cold in Finnish Lapland over 200 km above the Arctic Circle, near the ski resorts of Ylläs and Levi, and located within the Snow Village complex.

Prices range from € 120 per person in a Standard double room to 320 for a suite per night.

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