Visiting Rome for Christmas - New Year - Travel Advice

Christmas And New Year In Rome - Travel Advice

Some people spend Christmas at home with family and friends. Others prefer to travel, discover new places and learn how to live this party elsewhere.

Rome is an ideal place to visit at Christmas and New Year. It is a magical city throughout the year but when the holidays come around, turns, takes on another light, another dynamic becomes a metropolis even more captivating. An ideal place for practitioners of faith, because belief is vivid in every remote corner of the city, meeting or return to Rome in "Natale" (Christmas in Italian) is a unique experience. Keep in mind that at this time of year some monuments may be closed to the public.

Religious Events in Rome: Midnight Mass - The largest gathering event is, without doubt, Midnight Mass presided by the Pope in the Basilica of San Pietro. On 25 noon, the Pope addresses to the world with his blessing in several languages.

Visit the cribs or mangers Roman - Walking around the imposing Roman Church is a pleasure for any tourist. Doing it in the holiday season gives you a taste even more special because in addition to providing the architectural beauty of its facades, altars and organs. You can enjoy the very characteristic Nativity or Manger. These can be appreciated throughout the city. In the squares and streets cribs reaffirm the holiday spirit.

Mauro Canella, official guide of the city of Rome, explained on the website of Hotels in Rome that "the tradition of the crib was born in Italy and precisely in the Christmas Eve of 1223 when St.

In the Piazza San Pietro, for example, stands a beautiful Christmas tree with a moving crib that is worth visiting. While in the Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore may be the 5 timber belonging to the birthplace of Jesus brought from Bethlehem manger as well as a marble by Arnolfo di Cambio (1290).

Discovering Rome cribs may be an interesting ride. Places like Espagna or Navona, churches such as Santa Maria del Popolo and del Gesù or San Carlo al Corso often have beautiful sunsets.

Christmas markets in Rome - Christmas markets are common in this city. The most complete is the Piazza Navona where they can buy more sweets, toys, books, crafts and other gifts. Furthermore, artists and musicians surprised passersby with their works. In this market, can feel a Christmas atmosphere.

Cultural life of Rome during the Christmas and New Year's Eve - The huge Roman cultural life seems to come a new force for the festivities. Both at Christmas and New Year celebrations and the feast of the Befana, musical and theatrical events, exhibitions and presentations invade the city children.

Christmas Customs and habits - As in much of the world, the festive spirit is palpable on the streets where the shops are dressed with garlands, Christmas trees, nativity scenes and various decorations. Greet people politely, like a "buon Natale" and smiles.

On New Year's celebration is done with family or friends, at home or in the restaurant. The important thing is to eat and drink well and then go to the disco, a bar, a concert or a party.

A curiosity is that in Italy we celebrate the Three Kings on January 6 but the Epiphany. La Befana, an older woman with glasses, visits the house of children and leaves them gifts and sweets to good children. Small prepared the night of 5 a letter to the Befana, food and socks that she filled with candy.

The typical Roman meal Christmas - If you visit Rome at Christmas should not be allowed to taste the typical fish and delicious tortellini and of course, the Panettone, a loaf of bread with candied fruit and raisins, accompanied by a good champagne.

For dining out in New Year reservations must be made well in advance as it is quite common that the Romans dine in a restaurant with friends. Wishing to enter a restaurant to eat without any reservation is almost a mission impossible. Note that an Italian dinner for this celebration can last several hours.

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