Well, it is official. As of today, Victoria has more snow than any city in Canada. It even has more snow than the north pole. My goodness. Early this afternoon it was raining. Now it is snowing heavily again. The good news is that our reservoir should fill up again when it melts. The good news is that it is a winter wonderland around Victoria which does not happen very often. The good news is you can still get around on the roads. The good news is that it is Christmas and being home indoors is an option for many people, so there is much less traffic on the roads. The good news is that Victorians seem to be learning how to live and drive in snow. Problems and accidents are down when they usually would be up. The really big blizzard we had in 1996 shut down the City for 3 days. There was no traffic at all for a few days. Amazing that both snow piles have been around Christmas holidays. The good news is that the Saturday forecasts are for 8-10 C. Merry Christmas all. The photo is at the Colwood Golf Course.


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