Hong Kong - Honeymoon Spot for Food Lovers - Travel Advice

Hong Kong - Honeymoon Spot for Food Lovers - Travel Advice

Like how one desires to have the perfect wedding, one’s too may desire to search for the perfect honeymoon location. In our beautiful planet, surely, your perfect honeymoon location is somewhere out there. And it is! Look no further.

If enjoying food with your loved one is the factor that makes your honeymoon the ideal one, then Hong Kong is the perfect honeymoon spot for you.

The beautiful city of Hong Kong offers its guests with a wide range of food, from local street food to gourmet food found in many of its Michelin star restaurants.

When you visit Hong Kong, there are a couple of local delights that you and your loved one must taste:

Dim Sum - Hong Kong is re-known for its Dim Sum. There, you will find numerous dim sum restaurants. Just pop into any one of these and eat up!

There is also an array of cheap street food that all must try! For example,

Duck - The people in Hong Kong love duck. The food vendors in this city have developed a marvellous
way of roasting duck that bring out the sweetness of the duck as well as the crispiness of the outer skin. In all, this is absolutely mouthwatering.

Wanton Noodles - Wanton Noodles is a local dish that is absolutely sensational. The noodles are soft, topped with prawn wrapped dumplings. This makes for a satisfying honeymoon meal with your loved one.

Seafood - There are various villages located near Hong Kong island. In these villages, you can find a wide variety of fresh seafood. So, if you and your loved one love seafood, you can check out some of these villages, like Tai-O Village.

With numerous seafood restaurants to choose from, have as much seafood as you like at affordable and
reasonable prices!

Michelin Star Restaurants - There are many Michelin Star restaurants located in Hong Kong. So, if you
and your loved one want to have a romantic dinner in this bustling food town prepared by the World’s Top chefs, there are plenty Michelin Star restaurants to choose from.

Besides food… - There are lots to do in Hong Kong as well! For one, you can take the tram around the city and enjoy this bustling city.
If you love shopping, there is much to see. Hong Kong can be Milan given the many Branded Shops located
throughout Hong Kong. With little to no branded goods tax, you can purchase many branded goods at a good value.

Likewise, there are many street shops to choose from with products ranging from clothes, to shoes, bags, music instruments, toys etc. Pop by the many night markets in Hong Kong and bargain your way for clothes, bags, shoes, sunglasses at a steal.

So, if food is your thing, and value for money shopping is a bonus, then, look no further, Hong Kong is your
perfect honeymoon location

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