Africa - Is The Your Perfect Safari Honeymoon?

Safari Honeymoon Travel Advice

Like how one desires to have the perfect wedding, one’s too may desire to search for the perfect honeymoon location. In our beautiful planet, surely, your perfect honeymoon location is somewhere out there. And it is! Look no further.

Always wanted to have an exciting honeymoon where the wild animals roam free?

Africa is the world’s second largest and the second most populous continent, after Asia. This wide and vast land is home to much wild life, like the elephants, lions, buffaloes etc. So if you are an animal lover and would enjoy an adventurous safari filled honeymoon, then Africa is the best place for you.

Africa has always had an exotic and mysterious aura about it, making it the perfect designation for honeymoons with numerous romantic hot spots along its coastlines, deep in its sprawling wilderness areas and on the shores of some of the world’s most stunning islands.

What’s more is that these spots tend to be hidden, discreet and unpopulated, a stark contrast to the mass tourism of Europe’s traditional honeymoon destinations.

There are many towns to choose from to enjoy a safari honeymoon. Towns include South Africa, Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda, Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya.

Safari Resorts 
In these towns, there are many safari resorts to choose from. Most of these safari resorts not only provide its guests with private game drives through the raw African bush, their lodges are extravagant, where every single detail is aimed at increasing the comfort of each visitor, and stunningly situated.

Some are situated by the beach, some are by the river, some are on top of the hills, and others in forest areas. A honeymoon lodged in these resorts will give your honeymoon experience the best of both worlds – luxury and nature.

Travel Tips…
If you would like to spend your honeymoon in a city, then venture to South Africa, the southern tip of Africa. There, you can experience a steamy safari in Kruger National Park and spend your evenings in the cosmopolitan Cape Town. Also, if you are a shark lover, this is the home of the Great White Sharks.

If you would like to spend your honeymoon at an African beach, head for fun-fuelled Mauritius or gorgeous Seychelles. For a truly African version of white sandy beaches, the head for the landlocked country of Malawi.

If you can imagine you and your loved one on an exotic luxury safari surrounded by the wild beasts of Africa, then town of Kenya is the best to place.

If you want to be in a hot air balloon in the midst of this amazing continent, head over to Serengeti plains in Tanzania for a truly magnificent experience.

If you love gorillas, Rwanda is the premier designation to track the remaining 720 mountain gorillas in the world. there are only 720 mountain gorillas left in the world.

Don’t forget… The Victoria Falls Besides this, the Victoria Falls is one iconic destination that is not to be missed. Situated between Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls are the largest in the world.

So what are you waiting for? - Have a truly wild and romantic honeymoon in the great continent of Africa for your perfect safari honeymoon.

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