Mount Kinabalu - Kota Kinabalu - Places To Visit In Kinabalu Tips

Mount Kinabalu - Kota Kinabalu - Places To Visit In Kinabalu - Travel Advice

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 This beautiful mountain is 4.084m, is located north of the island of Borneo in the region of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu being the nearest town about 80 miles away by road. The mountain's name means "where dwell the dead," and is situated in a nature park with the same name, Kinabalu Park.

The easiest way to reach this site is via a flight to Kota Kinabalu. Once at the airport, the best way to get around is by taxi. There is a tourist office at the airport where they will tell you where to go to catch a bus to Kinabalu Park, so in the taxi office you can buy a tiket to bring you up to this area, the taxi fare is about 50 ringers.

Image source - cliftonphua.blogspot. com
The place where the buses to Kinabalu Park is a bit chaotic, buses tend to leave very early, but there is an option to take a van to take you only when such vehicles are full of people. It is very easy to negotiate with these drivers and even with a dodgy pint, are usually very reliable. For my part, after we got a bargain price of 40 ringet for two (normal is 60 ringett) and the van to ourselves.

The van and the bus will leave the park gate, you need to pay a fee to enter the park. Before, I would go through the shop-bar there on the other side of the road because prices in the park are quite high and does not hurt to catch water, soft drinks and stuff that may be needed. Not a bad idea to eat at noon here.

When you enter the park you should go to the reception room and give you a guide assigned to you, you also get a ticket that will serve you for lunch, breakfast and lunch in the shelter the day of ascension. It's a little mess because they send you from one building to another to do these things but take it calmly.

The guide costs 80 ringet per group, up to 6 people, so if you can associate with others to form a good idea, since the guide costs 80 ringer and not very useful (you can make the guide takes backpack long as you pay 100 ringer).

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The rooms tend to be shared if you go for the cheap, are cold and need shelter. They give a blanket per bed to my insufficient, and bathrooms with shower, are common differentiated by sex (in the room is usually a kit with soap and shampoo). The stay in the park is boring, not much to do. For dinner there are two options, buffet or a la carte. The buffet is more expensive than ordering a hamburger and a la carte drink,.

The day of the ascent must be the guide in the guides office near the reception, you can leave luggage bags that do not use, I think it cost 5 ringer per package. From there you take a jeep or minibus to the entrance of the path that goes up top, is as about 6km, once in this place i am just starting to climb. The climb is spectacular, everything is conditioned with steps to climb without technical difficulties.

Every kilometer or so there is a seating area with toilet and place to rest. The problem most people usually start very fast and forget that the day before would probably be at sea level and now you start with only 1.900m of altitude acclimatization night, not much but better to go slowly . The climb continues for 6 km curvy linked,-D, all with the same style of stairs, watching the flora changes as you climb.

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The last mile will clear the forest and it shows a change of flora file where the trees are not as large and shrubs begin to appear until the refuge located at 3,200 meters.

The peak of Mount Kinabalu is very small and gets between large rocks, there are plenty of people and all doing the same picture and waiting for the dawn. If there is a clear day you can see the Philippines, in my case I could see nothing. With a lot of people who had decided to come down and watch the sunrise from a bottom but looks the same and thus avoid falling rocks in that part of so many people. The sunrise is breathtaking and timely, at 6:00 am, shows the true nature of this mountain it's awesome.

The impressive atmosphere. A dense forest, dense, moist, do not allow more than 50 meters down, and created a dark, that in moments of more intense rain was becoming sad. The sound of rain against the leaves, against the hood of the poncho, the waterfalls were added to their fatigue was becoming overwhelming. As we gained altitude we got closer to the clouds, dense enough, and only at certain times let see the rocky summit.

Image source -mountkinabaluclimb.blogspot. com
Sepilok, east of Sabah, is one of the four orangutan rehabilitation centers that exist in the world. It was the number one goal of the trip, but he complied, and as time went well, had to close. It has nothing to do with a zoo, a nature reserve, which allows you to see orangutans, monkeys and other animals in their native environment, surrounded by dense tropical vegetation.

It is also a good opportunity to see a real jungle, dense, moist, dotted with huge straight stems, with more than 50 feet above the ground, and always accompanied by rain.

The descent to the park is horribly tiresome, you better have some technique and get off quickly because they are miles and miles down stairs if they get tired less quickly.

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