Orcas Whales - L-Pod sighting - near San Juan Island about 5 miles from Victoria

We have been lucky enough to have gone whale watching perhaps 25 times or more. We have seen all three resident pods in the same place at the same time and after that show, nothing has ever been as good. This year we got out to see the L-Pod, of J, K, and L pods, our local resident (summer pods). About two days before we went out, there was a news article with a picture of a bunch of whales swimming in a straight line. I thought this was unusual behavior as we had never seen it. Two days later we did. One of my pictures shows at least 15 in a row. Some days you get lucky and some are just OK. This days L pod show was great. A new baby joined L pod this year and there are a few pictures of it on our Facebook Page. Whale watching continues for most of the winter as there seem to be lots of transient whales coming through. It is a stunning sight to see Orcas doing their thing! Enjoy. For more pictures, please go to our Facebook page. Above is a classic Orca Picture, showing the big dorsal fins.


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