Long Sword Training Comes to Victoria

On the BC Day long weekend, I stumbled upon a sword fight in the Inner Harbour. This elderly man was trying to take the head off this beautiful but adept maiden. It looked like something out of the Highlander. In fact it was. Master Instructor F. Braun McAsh was the instructor who trained the Highlander sword play. He is an incredible swordsman and has a historical knowledge that seems second to none. While he fought to the death in the Inner Harbour he also educated those lucky enough to pass by.

Why you ask? Well, they were promoting an upcoming course in Victoria. On August 14 and 15, at eh James Bay Community Centre, you can attend this special course. For bookings and information, contact Al Dales at 604-612-9965. The instructor for the course is Braun and he can be contacted at 604-291-8371. Don't miss this exciting opportunity if you ever dreamed of being a knight, robin hood, Zorro or whomever. Make your childhood or adult dreams come true! Sign up soon...be taught by the Master!

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