Spring time in Victoria, Blossom Boom

There are many things I like about Spring in Victoria, but it is the blossoms that really let me know that it is time for a new "beginning". The cycle starts again with a blast of color all over the city. The snow drops and blue bells are up first, followed by the daffodils, all of which were really early this year. Sometimes the first Cherry trees blossom in early January, but the explosion happened in February. The city is currently filled with white and pink blossoms. It is beautiful and early leafing trees are starting to bloom. Some of the Cherry trees are already past their peaks and starting to show green leaves. What is really cool is when the blossoms start to fall and the streets and curb sides are filled with blossoms. It looks like snow, but it isn't. This is the spectacular part of living in Victoria. The rest of Canada wont get this kind of weather till May or later. Enjoy the pictures of Spring in Victoria.

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