The Story of Esperanza - A Love Story

Recently our friends in Guadalajara, Raul and Peggy rescued a baby hummingbird from their garden. The petitie little bird had been unable to fly for 3 days. When they picked her up, she seemed to realize that she was getting loving help. She let them hold her and became so calm that after a while, she just sat quietly on Peggy's hand and looked up at up at Peggy for 2 days and one night. She was fed every 15 minutes. Then when she was put back in the garden in a glass cage, the other hummingbirds gathered around her. Then suddenly, she just flew away on her own. That night they spotted her on the feeder right beside them. They new it was her because of the distinctive left wing and her tiny body (much smaller than the others). They named her Esperanza Guadalupe. Esperanza means hope and many females in Mexico are named Guadalupe. It is obvious that Peggy's mothering instincts saved this little bird. It is also a great example of the deep bond we have with all the living things on this planet we all share. What a lovely story. Thanks Peggy and Raul.


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