Victoria Has Cool Alleys

Downtown Victoria, especially in "Old Towne" and Chinatown, you will find some really small and interesting alleys. The picture shown here is Fan Tan Alley. It was featured in the movie "Bird on a Wire" with Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson. They were chased down this alley on a motor cycle with a cop in hot pursuit. The chase lasted all of about 5 minutes on screen, so they must have done about 20 runs in the alley because it is not all that long. Many of the alleys have some interesting shops to browse through and there is a lot of history here. It is said that these alleys were escape routes from illegal gambling dens and opium emporiums. Come and check out our alleys you will be amazed. Waddington alley for example has one of Victoria's better restaurants in it, Il Terrazzo. To learn more about Chinatown, Click Here. For other restaurant choices, click here.


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