Beacon Hill Petting Zoo - Don't forget the Finch House!

The Children's Petting Zoo at Beacon Hill Park has something for everyone, whether you like hanging out with pigs, horses, peacocks, or the kids (baby goats, that is - You can even groom them, if you have the inclination!)

Amidst the entertainment and carryings on of all these critters, however, the Finch House is often overlooked. If you'd like a few moments of quiet time, check out the little shed near the entrance of the Zoo. Inside, you can sit with a wide assortment of these diminutive, free-flying, birds while observing their their daily activities - eating, nesting, playing, resting... They seem to take pleasure in observing their human observers, as well!

It may take you a while to find all of them as many enjoy hiding in secret places - tiny nests, plastic cups, or camouflaged against straw angels as seen above. Be careful not to let them escape when you leave, as some have! These little opportunists are very curious about the rest of the Zoo (who wouldn't be?) and they're always trying to make a run for it!

For Spring Hours and More Info, visit the
Beacon Hill Park and Petting Zoo Web Site.


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