Darth Fiddler - Victoria's Busking Original

Busking, or street performing, has been around for a long, long time. In the Medieval Ages, merchants would often invite entertainers to perform in front of their stores to attract passers-by. It was a symbiotic relationship that bore excellent results for all involved: pedestrians were entertained and spent more money; merchants and performers brought in extra cash.

Throughout recent years, countless North American buskers have become famous after starting their careers on city streets. For example: Pierce Brosnan (fire-eating), Cirque du Soleil (acrobatics), George Burns, Steve Martin, and Robin Williams (comedians), Joni Mitchell, Eric Clapton, and Loreena McKennitt (musicians) - to name a few!

Downtown Victoria is full of such performers all year round. Musicians, mimes, and magicians add fun and colour to a leisurely afternoon walk. One of these characters is putting Victoria on the map by becoming famous (or infamous), on the Internet: a violinist who dresses up as Darth Vader, dubbed "Darth Fiddler" by his fans.

He can often be found near Victoria's Inner Harbour or on Government Street, or just Google "Darth Fiddler" to find pictures, blog entries, and videos about him. He has recently been featured on CBC Radio, in Victoria's Entertainment and Tourist Magazines, and PEI's Entertainment Magazine, "The Buzz." His image has even shown up on a door at the hip Hotel Max in Seattle, Washington . Guides announce him on tours around Victoria, and he is a common topic of cruise ship visitors when they arrive in town.

If you do happen to find him, be sure to get your photo taken with him and drop him a bill or two. Beneath the dark mask and perpetual histrionics, he's actually a real nice guy.


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